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5 Swachh Warriors Who Took An Uncommon Route To Talk Of River Pollution

Ancient civilizations flourished along rivers, that created, nurtured and sustained life. Rivers have been so important in Indian history that we continue to worship them as holy entities till today. Ironically, the very rivers that we revere are among the most polluted in the world today. While everyone agrees that it is crucial to clean up our rivers, there are a few individuals who have taken a step out of the ordinary to spread this message. Here are 5 Swachh Warriors who took an uncommon route to fight river pollution in India.

10-year-old Donates Money To Clean Up Ganga:G Shashank, a class V student in Chennai strongly believes that plastics and polythene are wreaking havoc and polluting our rivers. He wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting the government to accept his contribution of ?1000 and use it to clean up the Ganga. He did his bit for the environment by donating the money he received in a school competition. The Prime Minister's Office acknowledged his efforts and replied to his letter. Read The Full Story Here
A Glucose Drip To Save The Yamuna : Highlighting the poor state of river Yamuna, volunteers of the River Connect Campaign offered bottled water and glucose to the dying river. After conducting a non-stop havan for 525 days, the river activists protested against the authorities for neglecting the toxic waste which poses a huge a threat to Yamuna and historical monuments like Taj Mahal. Read The Full Story Here
Guddu Baba Gives 19 Years Of His Life To River Ganga : From cremating unclaimed corpses floating in the river to activating dysfunctional sewage treatment plants, Patna's Vikas Chandra has tremendously contributed to cleaning the River Ganga. He was instrumental in reviving three sewage treatment plants along the Ganga, at Beur, Saidpur and Pahari. Due to his continued efforts, the Patna High Court enforced a law directing the state of Bihar to take the responsibility of cremating unclaimed corpses, which until then used to be disposed into the river. Read The Full Story Here
11-Year-Old Girl Swims 570 Km To Spread The ‘Clean Ganga' Message: Shraddha, a class IX student swam across the Ganga, for a distance of 570 kms from Kanpur to Varanasi in just 10 days. Her aim was to create awareness on keeping the river clean, She eventually dreams of representing India at the Olympics. Read The Full Story Here
A Woman Paddle-boards Across The Ganges To Spread The Swachh Message : A former banker, current environmental warrior, Shilpika Gautam paddle boarded her way across the Ganga to spread awareness about river pollution. She now holds the world record for the longest ever stand up paddle-boarded distance by a female in 1 single journey. In her adventurous journey from Gomukh to the Bay of Bengal, the source and destination of the Ganga, she spread awareness on river pollution, the need for having toilets and issues related to women's hygiene in villages located near the banks of the river. Read The Full Story Here