How These Five Places Of Worship In India Are Taking The ‘Go Green’ Concept Ahead

Places of worship in India are going green – from composting the flower and wet waste from their kitchen into manure to saying no to plastic bags and single-use plastic items, here are five places of worship in India that are successfully cleaning up their premises ...

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Plastic Ban: Uttar Pradesh Bans Plastic, Thermocol Items On Independence Day

Plastic Ban: The ban on single-use plastic items was rolled out on the 72nd Independence Day
News Plastic Ban Uttar Pradesh
Anyone found with 100 grams of polythene will be fined Rs 1,000 in Uttar Pradesh and those with five kilogram will have to pay Rs 25,000 under the plastic rule ...
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Air Pollution: Centre Asked To File An Affidavit Explaining The Effects Of Firecrackers On People

Air Pollution Firecrackers manufacturers argued in the Supreme Court that firecrackers aren’t responsible for toxic air
Air Pollution News
Given that the firecracker industries are worth Rs 6,000 crore and 5,000 families are dependent on it, the Supreme Court has asked the Centre to take into account both health and economic aspects while considering the firecracker ban ...
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Babies In Prams 60% More Exposed To Air Pollution, Says Study

Air Pollution Toxic air can cause potential damage to cognitive abilities and brain development in children
Air Pollution News
The height at which most children travel while in a pram doubles the likelihood of negative impacts from air pollution when compared to an adult, said Prashant Kumar, professor at Britain's University of Surrey ...
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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Way Forward: From Robots To Clean Gutters, Keep Tabs On Pollution Levels To Fuel From Plastic

Independence Day
From improving sanitation to curbing water, air and plastic pollution, here’s a look at some innovative technology solution that can help India realise the goal of a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and beyond ...
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Uttar Pradesh’s Huge Plantation Drives: But Where Is The Space, Ask Green Activists

Uttar Pradesh's Huge Plantation Drives: But Where Is The Space, Ask Green Activists
News Uttar Pradesh
These are "paper trees to be found only in government files", remarks green activists on current and previous Uttar Pradesh governments’ ambitious plans to plant crores of saplings ...
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Most Of Ganga Water In Uttar Pradesh-West Bengal Stretch Unfit For Drinking, Bathing: CPCB Map

Most Of Ganga Water In Uttar Pradesh-West Bengal Stretch Unfit For Drinking, Bathing: CPCB Map
Ganga Clean-Up News
Coliform levels which indicate the presence of dangerous bacteria in the water were found to be 10 times the permissible limit for drinking at 5000 ...
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Independence Day 2018: How To Free India From Open Defecation, Diseases, Air, Water And Plastic Pollution

Independence Day Special Page - Swachh India
Independence Day
This #IndependenceDay, we look at how individuals, school or organisations, can come together and do their bit for the country and make it free from different kinds of pollution – Open Defecation, Waste, Plastic, Air and Water ...
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  • Each person should motivate at least 2-3 other people around them to keep their surroundings clean. This is how we can make India clean.

    Amitabh Bachchan

    Campaign Ambassador

  • By March 2019, we aim to clean 70-80 per cent of the Ganga.

    Nitin Gadkari

    Minister For Water Resources And Ganga Rejuvenation

  • Plastic threatens to become a menace to humanity. A lot of it doesn’t make it to recycling plants and is non-biodegradable.

    Narendra Modi

    Prime Minister

  • We have observed where there are separate toilets at home, there is a reduction in child sex abuses.

    Kailash Satyarthi

    Nobel Peace Laureate and Children’s Rights Activist

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