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Benzy Kumar Breaks All Stereotypes About Autism

Meet Benzy, a singer with autism who is an award-winning performer and has seen her training in Indian classical music help her voice and speech.

27-year-old Benzy Kumar is a singer with autism who expresses herself through music.

Throughout Benzy's journey, her parents have been extremely supportive and helped her become independent and flourish in the field of music.

Benzy was born as a premature baby, she had certain complications that made her body stiff and immobile.

Benzy's parents realised music helped her communicate and Indian classical music almost had a healing effect on her

Singer Shubha Mudgal recognised Benzy's talent and encouraged her parents to continue her training

Benzy has won three National Awards and has been featured twice in the Limca Book of World Records

Despite her inability to converse fluently, Benzy has learnt to express her emotions through music

Benzy's story is inspiring and a testament to the fact that there is ability in disability and one should never give up

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