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Celebs Speak: Best Quotes From Swachh India 12-Hour Cleanathon

Some of the best quotes by the celebrities who joined the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swachh India 12-hour-live Cleanathon with the Campaign Ambassador Amitabh Bachchan.

It is not enough to just build toilets and use, one should also be capable of washing their hands: Amitabh Bachchan
I am 29 years old and that is not such long life span but the deterioration all around in terms of the environment is worrying. I worry the world my children will grow up in. Where will the world be 15 years from now, if we continue the same way: Parineeti Chopra
At a very basic level, I believe people are getting educated. I think that the generation after us will be able to make a visible difference: Arjun Kapoor
I see a difference in manners in India and abroad. We do not litter abroad and respect the cleanliness in that country. I think an event like this can really make a difference, sitting for 12 hours live on TV and reaching out to people: Parineeti Chopra
Didn't know that air pollution is the third biggest killer in India. I think awareness is crucial: Kaneez Surka, Comedian
We have adopted 8 villages and we are trying to make them model villages so that people do not migrate to cities: Kamal Haasan, Actor and Politician
I spent some time with the Indo-Tibetian Border Force and I saw plastic bottles, wrappers and garbage being cleaned by our soldiers. It was disheartening to see our soldiers cleaning the precious places our nation. It is our responsibility to keep India clean: Sonu Nigam
"AB ji, please say,"Clean India is lit!" *AB says it* "All the youngsters listening, Clean India is lit!" - Tanmay Bhatt