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Check Out Delhi’s Most Unique Durga Puja Pandal, Displaying Idols Made Of 220 Kg Recycled Materials

Aradhana Park in East Delhi's, Indraprastha Matri Mandir Nirman Society, saw a 144 ft tall idol of Goddess Durga among other idols, all made using recycled products to create awareness about the waste crisis being faced by the country. The residents of the society, all came together to create this one-of-a-kind theme for the pandal to send a message to the visitors about the need to recycle.

Goddess Durga in this unique pandal, is made using various scrape automobile parts, to depict the epic scene of her victory over the Buffalo demon Mahishasura

Here is a behind the scene image of the making of this sculpture

Decor at the pandal used approximately 250 used soft drink cans

The Ganesha Idol at the Pandal used a cross pipe to depict the idol's trunk whereas a cement-mixing bowl was used to make his belly. Whereas Lord Gaesh's rat was made using an oil flask.

`At this unique pandal, the artists used cycle chains to make hair for Goddess Saraswati and Durga.

The residents created different idols including a 14 foot tall idol of Goddess Durga using recycled materials like waste cylinders, pots, and pans, auto parts among other well-thought-out items.

Considering the huge footfall at the pandal every year, the organisers come up with unique themes every time to draw visitor's attention towards different issues

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