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Diwali 2020: Go Green And Digital, Aim For A COVID-19 Free Celebrations

And the festival of lights - Diwali is here! It is one of the most awaited festivals in India and it is believed that it celebrates the triumph of light over darkness. Every year, markets are filled with all the festive delights like lights, diyas, candles, delicious sweets and the air is filled with the excitement of festival season. However, this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has somewhat changed this usual scenario and the way the festival is celebrated. Large events and gatherings have been canceled across the country as per the norms of the government to curb the spread of the virus. Health experts are urging people to stay indoors and celebrate the festivities with utmost precautions as even the single carelessness this year can prove to be disastrous for India's ongoing coronavirus fight. But all this should not dampen our spirits of festivities, so, let's come together and make sure we celebrate Diwali with safety and ensure we take proper precautions to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Here are some ways to celebrate the green and COVID-19 free Diwali:

Say No To Diwali Parties, Instead Go Digital

Diwali festival is all about togetherness, celebrating it with friends and families. However, this year, let's adopt the new normal and ditch the usual Diwali get-togethers and parties, instead meet friends and families digitally. Find innovative ways to host a Diwali party and make the celebration more memorable.

Adopt COVID-19 Appropriate Behaviour

Wear A Mask: Ensure you are wearing a mask if you are going out for any work. This will keep you safe from infection ofCOVID-19.

Maintain Safe Distance: Incase some people are coming over, make sure you are maintaining a safe distance with them. According to World Health Organisation, one should Maintain at least a 1-metre distance between yourself and others to reduce the risk of infection. The thumb rule should be 'the further away, the better'.

Always Wash Your Hands: Incase you are exchanging gifts, ensure you wash your hands before and after receiving the gifts or touching any new surfaces. Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairman and Managing Director of Medanta adds, 'There is data emerging now that shows transmission of viruses from surfaces may not be an important factor. But we still need to be cautious at all times. Therefore, practicing these COVID-19 appropriate behaviour is the only way to keep this virus at bay.'

Say No To Burning Of Crackers

No, Diwali isn't all about burning crackers. Let's think about the planet, our own health and ditch burning of crackers completely. By taking this one step, we can reduce sound, air, water, land pollution, and can also help COVID and asthma patients for whom breathing the polluted air can further hamper their health.

Opt For Green And Upcycled Gifts

Diwali is popularly known for exchanging sweets and gifts with your loved ones. This Diwali, let's go out of box and make it a memorable affair with green and thoughtful gifts. Give your loved ones something upcycled and sustainable, which is usually handmade. Think of giving them bottle lamps - all you need is an empty glass bottle, some paints and go the do-it-yourself way. Paint it up with your own creativity, put some fairy lights and that's set, your handmade bottle lamp will be ready. You can also go a step further and simply add a Polaroid photo inside the glass bottle and instead of painting it up, simply add some fairy lights.

You can also upcycle those stacks of CDs that are still lying in your homes into beautiful light lamps. Simply put together the CDs in different and creative assortments and add a bulb at the centre and you will have you very own green Diwali recycled CD Lamp.

This Diwali, you can make a small difference simply by going for green gifts.

Go Waste Free And Decorate Your Home In A DIY Way

Move over, candles and diyas this Diwali. Do you know, candles are the biggest source of indoor air pollution because of the presence of wax; what's more, the traditional candles are made of Paraffin wax, which is a non-biodegradable product? Ditch these traditional items, instead look for greener alternative. Here's one - you can make yourself an orange or ay fruit skin lamp! All you need is some orange peels or any fruit skins, oil and a wick and you will be sorted. Talking about the process, first cut oranges or any fruit into two equal halves, scoop out the fruit from inside and take the peel to make your organic candle. Next, just add some oil, a wick and let it sit for sometime. Voila! Your orange or fruit lamp will be ready.

Pro tip: Don't take fruits which has thin skin, opt for something sturdy like a watermelon skin or an orange peel.

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