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Five Things UN Women India Representative Susan Ferguson Explains On International Women’s Day

This year, women's Day is being celebrated with a unique theme ?Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow. Team Banega Swasth India speaks with Susan Ferguson, UN Women India Representative, who is working on the issues related to women and gender for nearly 30 years.

Around the world, COVID-19 has had varied impact, it has slowed our economic development and because women are often not in the most secure position, they are the first ones to lose their jobs and the last ones to get them back.

Gender equality is just not the fundamental human right but also a very necessary foundation of a sustainable, peaceful world and we need this more than ever

Climate change has a specific impact on women, men, girls and boys, differently and that is because in many places, men and women lead different lives. So, it has a differential impact.

Educating girls and women is almost number one priority. In the developing world, it has always been recognised that equal education for both girls and boys is really transformative.

Women are 50 per cent of the population. They are a force for change and economic development, that can really help bring a country forward in its growth.

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