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Foolmati, A Farmer Who Brought A Sustainable Front To The Face Of Agriculture In Her State

In Godbahra, a small village in Madhya Pradesh's Singrauli District, the livelihood of the majority of people depends upon agriculture and farming. As the community in the village could not keep up with the drastic climatic changes impacting their livelihood. Foolmati and her husband decided to set up centralized nurseries, which helped people in the village have a constant source of revenue and a more sustainable front to agriculture.

Foolmati's story is a testament to believing in change and bringing about collective action.She helped her village not only develop new processes but also those that were remunerative and sustainable in nature.

Foolmati and her husband realized that their village was extremely dependent on weather patterns that were constantly changing and hence made it difficult for everyone to have a constant source of revenue

Foolmati started her work towards a centralized nursery by planting 10,000 trees in coco peat, a soil created from coconut husk pith, and the rest in raised beds.

Foolmati made sure to check up with the Krishi Sakhis, who assist farmers in accessing centralised nurseries and are eventually groomed to become entrepreneurs, to make sure the farmers were following the farming process correctly.

Foolmati's prompt action in the form of a centralised nursery assisted them all in minimising their losses. The water resources in Sarai tehsil had risen as a result of Foolmati's efforts, followed by the villagers' and panchayat members' collective planning, which was aided by PRADAN.

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