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From Paintings Walls To Giving Hygiene Lessons In A Park, The Goal Is One ‘Lakshya – Sampoorn Swasthya Ka’

For season 9 of Banega Swasth India 12-hour Telethon, our team visited various parts of India to convey the message of health for all.

Newton Sidhu from Chandigarh showed us how dogs are used to address mental health issues, and also how he is training dogs to detect cancer, diabetes and even COVID at the height of the pandemic.

Our team interacted with the ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) Workers in Rajasthan, who are utilising an application called 'Khushi Baby' to effectively communicate with people in remote areas. The application ties tradition with technology to uplift community healthcare for underserved populations in rural India.

Dettol Hygiene Play Park in Aragonda, Andhra Pradesh, is a designated space designed for children to engage in various play experiences through its hygiene themed simple and fun games.

Street art with school children and local community, conveying the message of health for all

Dr Anil Prakash Joshi, Environmentalist, flagged off a cycle rally from the financial capital Mumbai to environment capital Uttarakhand, to mobilise people for the environment.

NDTV's Harsha Kumari Singh interacted with the ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) Workers and Auxiliary Nurse Mid-wives (ANM) workers of Harsoli in Rajasthan, who together work towards the healthcare of people living in rural India. The workers urged citizens to eradicate the age-old tradition of 'Bal Vivah' in India. The ASHA workers also shed light on the practice of males of the family eating before the women of the house, and urged the citizens of the country to add a stop to it.

Children from Awadh International in Uttar Pradesh's Ayodhya painted the walls with the Bangalore artist to spread the message of 'good health'. 'Only swachh bharat can become swasth bharat,' the school children said.

NDTV's Arun Singh met a special guest - Stella, a therapy dog from Punjab. Stella can be your companion when you are feeling low and detect anxiety attacks. We also speak with the dog's trainer Newton Sidhu.

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