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Holi 2019: How To Make Natural And Eco-Friendly Colours At Home

Holi is one of the most awaited festivals in India. Colours, water guns, and traditional sweets and snacks make the festival popular among the young and old alike. Smearing each other in hues of different colours is a symbol of brotherhood and bridging of the gap between people. This Holi, ditch the toxic synthetic colours available in the market and smear your friends and family in homemade organic colours that are not only safe on the skin but also safe on the environment. Here are some natural ways to make Holi colours.


The bright yellow is mandatory for every Holi celebration! To make a natural yellow 'gulal' just use the turmeric powder easily available in every Indian kitchen and mix it with corn-flour until a uniform mixture is formed.

Natural green colour can be made with dry henna powder. Corn-flour can be added with henna to up the quantity and achieve different shades of green.

For pink colour, you can use beetroot. Sun dry beetroot bits. Grind all the dried beetroot bits in a food processor till you get a fine powder. Mix gram flour to the beetroot powder to increase the quantity and get variant hues.

Saffron or orange Holi colours can be made easily with the help of Buetea Frondosa flowers which are more commonly known as ?Tesu'. Soak these flowers at night and make a paste the next morning.

To get blue colour, crush the berries of the indigo plant and water to get the colour of desired strength. In some species of Indigo, the leaves when boiled in water yield a rich blue.