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Know Your Food: Benefits Of Having Millets In Your Diet

Millets are often touted as a superfood by experts because of their high nutritional value.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) states that millets contain:

7-12 per cent protein

2-5 per cent fat

65-75 per cent carbohydrates

15-20 per cent dietary fibre

FSSAI also adds that the essential amino acid present in millets is way better than many crops and it plays an important role in benefiting the overall health.

FSSAI also states that consuming millets help fight cardiovascular diseases as millet consumption decreases triglycerides. It states that millets are also known for preventing Type 2 diabetes and reducing blood pressure.

Reiterating the benefits of incorporating millets in your diet, the Indian Institute of Millet Research states that the fiber present in millets helps keep 'bad' cholesterol in the blood under check and helps protect the heart.

Highlighting how millets can help combat malnutrition and other health-related problems in India, Dr. Hema Divakar, Technical Advisor, Ministry of Maternal Health and Family Welfare, Medical Director Divakars Speciality Hospital, Past President FOGSI said, 'India is presently having the triple burden of undernutrition, obesity and micronutrient deficiencies and also a tsunami of Diabetes. If Rice/wheat which is the staple food, is replaced with locally grown millets, like Ragi, Bajra, Jowar, we will be ensuring a rich supply of iron to tackle aneamia, calcium for bone strength.

A significant proportion of proteins to combat protein malnutrition, and a good amount of fiber present will tackle obesity, and is a part of advice for weight loss programmes. Low glycemic index aids in preventing the tsunami of diabetes. Thus, tackling triple burden and more.'

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