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Meet Mumbai Based School Teacher Who Drives Auto-Rickshaw, Ferries COVID Patients For Free

Amid the devastating second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dattatraya Sawant, a school teacher in Mumbai has come forward to help the coronavirus patients by providing a rickshaw service from the hospital to home and vice versa for free.

When the schools got shut down and online classes were also on hold during the second wave of COVID-19 in April, 47-year-old Dattatraya Sawant, who is also an auto-rickshaw driver, decided to utilise the time in helping in the fight against COVID-19.

So, he started a free 24x7 auto-rickshaw ambulance service for the people living in and around his area of residence.

Mr Sawant drives the auto-rickshaw by himself and provides a free ride to COVID-19 patients while taking all precautions like wearing a personal protective equipment (PPE) kit, sanitisation and others.

'People were finding it difficult to go to the hospital; they were not getting an ambulance on time. Also, ambulances were charging a high price. I thought I can use my auto for people in my area. I made some changes in my auto and started day and night service. I am happy about the decision I took,' Mr Sawant told NDTV.

He has provided free travel to over 70 patients so far which includes both COVID and non-COVID patients.

Mr Sawant said that he has decided to continue the free auto-rickshaw ambulance service for as long as the pandemic continues.

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