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Meet The Warrior Moms Who Are Fighting For Clean Air

Warrior Moms is a collective of more than 1,400 mothers, fighting for clean air for their children

Warrior Moms is a movement of mothers fighting for clean air and a greener environment for their children.

More than 1,400 hundred women across 75 villages in over 13 states of India have being working together to fight against air pollution by forming this collective

The primary works Warrior Moms do are - creating awareness on sources of air pollution and climate change, educating and empowering citizens to take action, and engaging with decision makers to enforce regulations.

The mission of Warrior Moms is to ensure the implementation of the World Health Organisation (WHO) air quality standards (5 micrograms per cubic metre), all over India.

'We have separate teams in over 13 states, and as our core work, we stage campaigns and protests, at various locations, mostly in the cities, asking the concerned authorities and the government to bring policies and concrete measures to tackle air pollution,' Bhavreen Kandhir, Co-Founder of Warrior Moms said.

In the rural setting, small teams of Warrior Moms reach out to women who have already taken leading roles in their communities to raise awareness through the Swachh Bharat Mission.

These women representatives of various villages are provided with brochures in different regional languages containing all the information, which comes in handy when they reach out to the other women in the villages.

They go on to become changemakers, enabling the domino effect and imparting the knowledge to other people within the community.

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