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More than 5000 Students In Gurugram Formed A Human Chain To Protect Aravali Biodiversity Park

More than 5000 children from 31 schools across the National Capital Region gathered at the Aravali Biodiversity Park form a human chain to save the park on Children's Day on November 14. The human chain, which stretched up to several kilometres, was a sign of protest against the National Highways Authority of India's (NHAI) proposal to build a six-lane highway which is expected to cut through the park. The highway proposed is a part of the Greater Southern Peripheral Road (GSPR) project, which has been regarded as an alternative link between Delhi and Gurugram is expected to run for about 2 km along the width of the park, around 20-25 metres inside its boundaries. Activists and residents are opposing the construction as the construction work will destroy the park amidst severe air pollution.

Thousands of kids gathered in the park on Children's Day for the Human Chain event that was shared on Facebook to invite participants for the protest. The students were not confined to the city of Gurugram alone, as schools from across the National Capital Region participated in the peaceful protest.

The students wrote 'Children can't play on highways' to underline the irony of Children's Day and the proposal by NHAI. Hashtags like #NahiToNHAI and #SaveAravaliBiodiversity parks were created by the students to promote the cause.

Young students stood in the chain and chanted slogans like ?I want a green jungle, not a concrete jungle!', ?Save our city forest', ?Give us our fundamental right to breathe clean air'. They wore green arm bands and carried posters and placards with messages against pollution and for the protection of Aravali forests.

The children also wrote letters to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister, requesting them to cancel the highway proposal through Gurugram's 'green lungs'. These letters were hung on display for the day and will be posted to the designated by the end of this week.

The Wall Of Letters: These letters were hung on display for the day and will be posted to the designated by the end of this week.

Air Pollution: Students stood in the chain to protest the highway as they said that the construction work will destroy the park at a time when we need to plant trees in order to combat the annual air pollution problem of NCR.

About 70 students of several schools and across various age groups came together at 'Teetar Chowk' - deep within the park, and recited a solemn poem and an oath - for the protection of forests that they wrote particularly for this occasion.

The aim of this event, according to a Gurugram resident, was to put in perspective, the answer to the question - Why save our forests?

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