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Nagaland Graduate-Turned-Aganwadi Worker Uses Education As A Medium To Improve Her Village’s Healthcare System

Kali Shohe, an Anganwadi worker, has committed her life to the betterment of her village in Nagaland. She educates children, expectant, new mothers, and adults in the house on accessing basic healthcare services.

'Good health is every individual's right,' a graduate from Nagaland's Dimapur Town, Kali Shohe, lives with this belief and imbibes it in her profession. Ms. Shohe has been working as an Anganwadi worker for over a decade and has dedicated her life to the welfare of her community.

The first few hours of her day are devoted to children, teaching them about various aspects of good health and hygiene, making them understand the importance of cleanliness, washing hands, and other basic healthy habits.

Ms. Shohe saw the villagers struggling to make ends meet when it came to accessing medical facilities and having the right nutrition for pregnant and new mothers. She took it upon herself to break the monotonous pattern and upskill them on accessing the facilities, enlightening them on the importance of living a healthier lifestyle, breastfeeding, opting for institutional delivery, and so forth.

She omits no one when it comes to educating women about pregnancy, the kind of care they should receive, and the kind of food they should eat.

She also briefs women about what to eat and avoid in different trimesters. She quotes it as one of the most important tasks.

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