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This Is How An NRI Couple Transformed Lives In Maharashtra’s Remote Lonwadi Village

Ashish and Ruta Kalawar quit their well-paid job in the UK and moved to a remote village in Maharashtra. The couple, who were part of many social projects abroad decided to render their services to their own homeland- India. They adopted a little village called Lonwadi and have completely overhauled it by building sanitized toilets, providing water supplies, among other things.

In 2012, Ashish and his wife Ruta adopted a backward village named Lonwadi in Maharashtra, on a part time basis. The village had no electricity, water system, toilet facilities or even roads.

Later in 2014, the couple quit their job in the UK to devote their time to building better facilities for the villagers by collaborating with an NGO named ?Adarsh Village.

With the motto of ?One House, One Toilet', the couple went on to build two public bio-toilets in the village. They also educated the girls and women about the hazardous effects of open defecation.

To get the villagers accustomed to the toilets, Ashish and Ruta came up with a unique idea - the toilets in this area are covered with bushes so it gives the same feel as being out in the open fields.

Another crucial step in transforming the village was the installation of a solar-operated water pump. This helped the villagers, who until then had to go downhill every day in order to get water.

Impressed by the efforts of the electric engineer couple, the villagers gave their full support morally as well as financially.

With good roads, electricity, a water system, and a digital school, the Swachh Warriors gave a better life to the people of Lonwadi.

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