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Use Bicycles To Monitor Cleanliness And Implementation Of Swachh Projects: Kiran Bedi To Local Officials

Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi uses bicycle during weekends to meet common people and hear about the issues.She has now urged the officials of municipal corporation and other departments to do the same, to track progress made under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan projects.

On May 28, Kiran Bedi along with Team Raj Nivas and Team SwachhPuducherry went biking around the city to see the overall state of cleanliness.

During the cycling trip Ms Bedi met residents, temple trustees to identify cleanliness and other issues which are of concern for the common man.

Kiran Bedi along with team Raj Niwas and Swachh Puducherry presented the Swachh workers with shawls as an act of gratitude for keeping the areas clean.

Most of the swachh work is being carried out by middle aged women and older men, Ms Bedi meets them to appreciate their efforts.The workers said that while they clean, some people litter the place again in their very presence. Ms Bedi feels, "It is time for people to respect their services. A while from now even their services will become difficult to get. Or not affordable as is the case in the West. Earlier we switch to source segregation and mechanised collection and then waste to wealth / energy/ manure/ creation, the better shall it be."

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