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Welcome To ‘Bambai Nazariya’, A Cafe In Mumbai Run By Transgender People

Bambai Nazariya cafe in Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai supports the transgender community and provides a space of acceptance and non-judgement for people of all genders to visit and interact

Situated in Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai Bambai Nazariya Cafe is working on implementing the concept of 'Leaving No One Behind'.

This 'socially inclusive' cafe in Mumbai hires only trans/non-binary people as staff and provides a safe space for people of all genders to visit and interact.

The motto of the cafe is 'Nazariya Badlo, Nazara Badlega' (Change your perspective and the world will change).

It aims to break the stereotypical image of the transgender community.

The two-month-old cafe currently employs three persons from the transgender community and plans to recruit more people.

The employees at Bambai Nazariya like to call themselves 'hosts' and follow the concept of 'Mehman Nawazi' (hospitality), serving their customers good food and ensuring they are comfortable.

'The cafe has been receiving a lot of guests, giving us a chance to interact with people and show them that the transgender community is not limited to begging and sex work," said Mahi Poojari (she/her), Host, Bambai Nazariya.

'It was my father's vision to build a space where people can visit without the fear of being misgendered and where acceptance and non-judgement prevail,' said Diego Miranda, Owner/Founder, Bambai Nazariya.

Mr Miranda said that while it took him seven years to work on his vision, he is glad that he took a step to bring a change he knew the society needed, a change that was long overdue.

From Mumbai's special pav bhaji, keema pav and misal pav to the trending Kashmiri pink chai, the cafe serves a number of meals to the guests.

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