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World Hand Hygiene Day: ‘Swachhata Ki Paathshala’ With Suresh Raina

To mark World Hand Hygiene Day on May 5, Former Cricketer Suresh Raina interacted with school children in a unique 'Swachhata Ki Paathshala' session to discuss the importance of hygiene to stay healthy. He also launched Dettol's DIY Hygiene Workbooks which aim to educate children in India about hygiene and embed good habits.

School kids from Primary School Hazipur Noida, sector 104 welcome Former Cricketer Suresh Raina for the 'Swachhata Ki Paathshala' session.

Suresh Raina interacts with children about how to stay fit and healthy. During the session, he also talked about his journey as a successful cricket player.

Suresh Raina and his wife Priyanka Raina in conversation with school children on how to maintain hygiene in their life.

Learning through fun and games: Suresh Raina plays the hygiene game of "Snakes and ladders" with children where if you are not going to wash your hands properly then the snake will ensure you lose and if you follow the hygiene practices then you rise the 'ladder' of healthy life.

The Dettol Hygiene corner in schools is a designated place in every school where the school displays all the material related to the practice of hygiene promoted by Dettol Banega Swasth India. The material includes students' workbooks, the teacher's manual, buckets, water mugs, towels, posters, a first-aid box, soap and more.

The Dettol School Hygiene Education Program, started in 2014 in just 2,500 schools, today it has reached out to 24 million children across 840,000 schools and 500,000 Madrasas. The children covered by the initiative are being exposed to an ecosystem where the knowledge of hygiene is cemented with cultural nudges that promote and sustain positive hygiene practices and behaviours.

Suresh Raina launched Dettol's DIY Hygiene Workbooks which aims to educate children in India about hygiene and embed good habits. The workbooks are all about - safety, choices and hygiene habits that children should follow in order to live a healthy life. The thought behind these books is that good health and hygiene is important for physical, mental well-being and ensuring we are moving ahead to achieve the goal of building a Swasth India.

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