#Mere10Guz – 3 Steps To A Swachh India: Clean, Segregate, Compost And Get Featured On NDTV

#Mere10Guz – 3 Steps To A Swachh India: Clean, Segregate, Compost And Get Featured On NDTV

Clean-up Drives, Season 4 Highlights
#Mere10Guz: Clean-Up 10 Yards Of Your Surroundings And Get Featured On NDTV

Banega Swachh India in its third year in 2016, got the entire nation to come together on October 2, to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti as the Rashtriya Swachhta Diwas and encourage people to come out and do their bit. As part of the #Mere10Guz initiative on that day, people were asked to step out and clean up 10 yards of their surroundings, yes just 10 yards! The idea was to drive home the point that a small step can make a big difference. This year too as part of the #Mere10Guz initiative we are focussing on 3 steps to a Swachh India – Clean. Segregate. Compost. 

Send before and after pictures of your initiative and get featured on our platform. Share your stories with us by uploading images or video in the form below.

Let’s hit the streets and set an example for everybody by making India truly swachh.

Due to restrictions on certain operating systems, users may face difficulty in accessing the upload feature. Your entry is important to us, please email us your entry at cleanindia@ndtv.com.

#Mere10Guz Clean-Up Drive Stories: Shortlisted Entries


  1. Sir,
    I have been doing not much, but 1 hour per day near my area for the last one month. It gives so much of satisfaction. It has opened my eyes. I did not know how to start the campaign.
    On the first day, I told my wife that I would go for a walk. It is easy to sit at home and be an arm chair critic. But no one wants you at home to take a broom and clean. So I went for cleaning pillars near Begumpet, next to CM’s office , Hyderabad. I just went to clean without anything in my hand. I realised I need something to remove posters. I took a small stone and removed some posters. It was very tough to remove, especially on the first day. Then on seeing me from a nearby flat, an elderly gave me a bottle of water to sprinkle and remove posters. It worked. Then I started Swacch Bharat every day with a small stone, two bottles of water with a sprayer.
    One day a regular walker asked, “Are you a government employee?”. I smiled and started cleaning. Another person on another day asked, “Why are you cleaning? Anyway politicians would paste posters again.What is the use?”. I understood the significance of silence. One day a policeman had stopped his vehicle and asked, “Sir, I am seeing you every day. Why you should do this? Are you working?”. I said, “Sir, I had just a few months back retired from a bank. Mr. Modi has inspired me through his Swacch Bharath campaign. Just for the joy of doing it, I am doing every day 1 hour sir.” He saluted me. I just said, “Sir, Don’t make me big. In front of policemen and army men, I am nothing. We need in fact bow before you, for the service you are doing for this country, even without recognition.”. On the other day, one passer by sarcastically asked, “Sir, How much are you paid for this job?”. I just smiled him away. While cleaning a pillar, one day, two youths in a motorbike sarcastically said, “Old man, no work for you?” and zipped past through me.
    Everyday I had a new experience and a lesson or two, which I have not learnt over sixty years of my life. One very important thing is the commitment , which I had never had during my college days. The commitment to do one hour Swacch Bharat every day is a great task and tests one will and also character. This one hour per day taught me to be quiet and do work silently. I don’t know whether my cleaning every day keeps my surroundings clean or not, it helped me to be calm and do something very positive and quietly do things irrespective of claps and jeers.

    1. Hats off for you sir. but takes ages to turned into a diamond out of rough black stone.

  2. i did the same last year!😃 it gives so much of satisfaction when you do something for or anythong for a Cleaner and greener India!😋

  3. हमारा भारत। स्वच्छ भारत।
    इस अभियान को कारगर बनाने के लिये दो कदम आगे बढ़कर सभी जगह कूड़ेदान रखवाने एवं उसे प्रतिदिन साफ करवाने का प्रबंध किया जाना चाहिये। अन्यथा यह केवल एक स्टेज शो बन कर रह जायेगा।

  4. Sufficient awareness has been created all over the country. The common man has started Cleaning India…but government agencies and the whole mechanism is still in slow mode… Success of clean India is now totally dependent on accelerated approach to be adopted by our municipal agencies… it is the constrain for a common man… he is cleaning up to 10 yards but waiting for municipal agencies to remove his collected rubbish…

  5. e of items.
    Residents are now recycling more than 36% of their waste, and this means that the amount of rubbish that we throw into landfill is dropping. This is great news for the environment, helping to reduce landscape destruction and loss of natural habitats and wildlife. It also helps to reduce emissions of methane, which is global warming gas with an impact 23 times stronger than carbon dioxide! Reducing and recycling your waste also helps conserve natural resources like oil, and save energy. So do your bit by recycling as much as possible.and reducing your waste.

  6. Capt Guru N Misra

    The root cause is indiscriminate dumping of all kinds of waste by people that must be tackled on a war footing by bringing in legislation and punishable by hefty fines and even detention

  7. Ironically Delhi Development Authority(under the Ministry of Urban Development-nodal Ministry for NSA) ignores it completely at least in respect of cleanliness on the open parking area opposite blue line pillar no.133-136 below the Hotel Crowne Plaza on Delhi-Noida road despite longish emails with its VC,CE(HQ),CE(East)jurisdictional head whose engineering staff of Div.no.12 reply with false statements and refuse to see the ground reality on site and refuse for joint visit.
    I hope new VCDDA takes cognizance of it suo moto and contacts me in location find.

    Govt. of India
    Mayur Vihar-1

  8. We are offering an applied course on this topic focused on how to make the Swachh Bharat Mission a success. Here I will also share my experience on how to go about developing an integrated waste management system for an urban community. The link for the course registration is at: https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/noc17_ce20/preview , this link has all the details on course content, mode of registration etc. The course in being funded by the MHRD Government of India as part of NPTEL and SWAYAM program. The introductory video for this course is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX516jcwCKE

    The course will commence on 24 July 2017.

  9. amerinder singh

    Namaste sir ji please mere yaha ki gali banva do or sevrege ki bhe problem hai thode din bad he overflow ho jati hai gali ka hal ap photo mai dekh he sakte hai ap dekh sakte hai ki hum kesi gandgi mai rehne ko majbur hai agar gali pakki ban jai or severage ki problem dur ho jai to apki badi meharbani hogi ap ek bar hmare vill mai visit kare yaha kitni problem hai vill ki baki galiyon mai tiles lag chuki hai 4,5 galiyan ase hai ginme abhe tiles nahe lage ab apse he ummed hai please sir ji thanks Amerinder singh #435 vill abheypur ward no 13 panchkula mno -9417580005

  10. Ananda Sitaraman

    We techies of 6 joined hands and mentoring 600+ residents through whatsapp in Pimple saudagar, Pune. Its been very interesting to see very good response. I personally doing composting in my home for the past 3 years and using it in my terrace garden for growing vegetables.

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