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From The UK To An Indian Village - This NRI Couple Is Transforming Lives

Meet Ashish and Ruta Kalawar, Electronic Engineers who left their well-paying jobs in England only because they wanted to transform Indian villages and turn them into an ideal place to live for rural population. The couple has adopted a remote village in Maharashtra named Lonwadi and their aim is to make this village open defecation free in next two months.


  1. Great Effort! Manual Scavenging is an obsolete task and should be removed. It is as shameful as the fact that there are no ramp for handicapped people in most places in India. If we wish to call India a Developing country all these should be automated. There are ample machines and gears available for cleaning and people should be trained to use them. To an extent the onus is also on the people still practicing it, they should boycott it and fight for their demands. Government is providing lot of other opportunities for education and employment, they should grab them and stop working in this sector as a family practice. Once people look at it as a job, they will be forced to modernize it. Good luck to you sir and many like you there. I wish you long and healthy and immensely successful life so that you can inspire others that social service is a serious service.

    1. When a CM and other celebrities come on to the roads for cleaning, you can imagine how many public servants are arranged for them (police, civil servants etc.). The kind of money that is spent on these arrangements, I would rather have this money spent on hiring more workers for cleaning and garbage collection infrastructure. I do not mind paying more swachh Bharat tax as long as I can see results.

      1. Great thought!!! Buy the best gadgets to keep the streets clean instead of spending money on politicians visit!

      2. Everyone in India expects someone else to clean the surroundings for them so that they don’t have to give up their habit of littering. Pathetic thinking…

    2. Nothing that modi does succeeds because he is not interested in real development, real growth. he wants instant fame, good name, recognition without putting in the tough work for years…

  2. i humbly bow down to this and his fellow human beings
    jai hind

    1. yes Dilip….agree and I too humbly bow down to this great fellow clean hearted human beings for their great effort ……….to make others live in a better environment.

  3. Great work for India

  4. Very good initiative. Well done public and the municipality of Mahabalipuram.
    Hope the initiative catches up momentum with all other places as well.

  5. It’s really a nice and useful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this useful info
    with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  6. During most of my elder brother’s professional life he had funded increasing number of scholarships. All this stopped the day he died, not for the lack of money. The institution through which he founded the scholarships and the bank thorough which he funneled the money has become unresponsive and has failed the dream of my dead brother. The money is sitting in the bank doing nothing, people say they will help and but do nothing.

    Our Prime Minster had failed us!!!! Yes?

    1. What have you done about this problem ? Why are you dependent on other people to help, how about you making it happen. Does the PM needs to do and be blamed for everything that doesn’t work.

  7. India need to clean all Beaches, City and Villages everywhere. It should engrined in Peoples mind that Keeping Clean should be the life.

  8. It is really inspiring. Special thanks to Our PM, NDTV, Amitabh Bachchan and all the volunteers for making this happen into reality. This will inspire everyone and will lead India into clean India. Jai ho !

  9. It is really inspiring. Special thanks to Our PM, NDTV, Amitabh Bachchan and all the volunteers for making this happen into reality. This will inspire everyone and will lead India into clean India. but it is very samefull that they people aware us for cleaning india. we all people say dharti hamaari maa hai yet people eat gutkha tobaco and split there so please wake up and clean your surrounding. i requested to all person be serious for swach bharat abhiyaan ‘and help those person who join it.
    her kisi ki jaan hogi,hoga jab ye swacch bharat
    apni alag pahchaan hogi,hoga jab ye swacch bharat
    jai hind

  10. The cleaning of drains and sewers still follows the old methods.We never learn anything new through lectures. It has to come through actual demonstration.The supervisors only know how to oversee but cannot do the job themselves. The job of keeping our cities clean is reserved for Scheduled Castes by all Governments. they continue to follow the same methods as they were taught by their forefathers. Hence protective gear given by the Municipal authorities are not used. In some cases they could even have been sold.Further to properly use protective gear we need supervisors who can use it and show how the job has to be done. We need workers who demand safety equipment. We need to remove the stigma associated with these important jobs and open up these jobs to all and remove the reservation for scheduled castes. so there will be a demand for such equipment from workers who are used to a better life. Lastly, the pay has to be properly rationalised. If Government pays Rs. 20,000 for a fresh recruit where the contractor is able to pay his employee for the same job for Rs. 5,000, you will find these jobs subcontracted on least cost basis and you cannot expect the contractor to invest in equipment if it is not practicable and when there is someone ready to physically go down and do it himself.

  11. Instead of talking big talks, it is very important that strict laws are passed in the parliament regarding this and other issues, and the government makes sure that those laws are implemented 100%. Those who break the laws and those who do not follow the laws — then, there should be strict provisions in the laws to punish the law-breakers. If the contractors do not follow what is required of them, then they should be sentenced for a minimum of 20 years. The “government” has the power to enforce essential and common-sense laws — WHY THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT TAKING APPROPRIATE ACTIONS IS SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!!! Rather than dramatizing and politicizing the issues, it is paramount that solutions ought to be found out as to how to solve those issues. Just “crying crocodile tears” and having nonsensical talk-shows will not solve burning issues of the country. Those “rich” people should start sharing their wealth with “poor” people. Just “One percent” [1%] of wealth shared by the “rich” people can solve most of the issues of India. CONDUCTING TALK SHOWS FOR “NAME & FAME” WILL NEVER SOLVE ANY ISSUES!!?? Indians have been always passive — just talking big talks and not taking worthwhile & appropriate actions. INDIA GOT INDEPENDENCE IN 1947 — India has made wonderful progress in certain areas and in certain common-sense areas, the government doesn’t know how to solve problems!!??
    During such calamities, when a person dies, the concerned government will give some monetary compensation to the victim’s family and will give “this money PACIFIER” to the victim’s family and not, “real milk”, because there is scarcity of “MILK” in India, and the reason for this is “BECAUSE THE GOOD INDIANS ARE EXPORTING MILK TO SINGAPORE, AND OTHER COUNTRIES”. NOW YOU KNOW WHO IS RESONSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

    1. Tactical Training

      this is the right and only way to keep and maintain clean in any country 90% Indian’s wont understand

  12. Japan cleaned itself up for the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Before that it was known to the rest of the world as a non-western, polluted country full of cheap labor (sort of like China today)… that also bombed pearl harbor 20 years earlier.

    To prepare for this occasion Japanese were encouraged to stop spitting, stop peeing, and stop pooping in the streets or else they’d shame their country before the eyes of the world. It turns out that Japanese are pretty darn proud of being Japanese so they curbed these habits for the good of their nation.
    And then they kept it clean.

  13. we need to have strict law in this regard as well

  14. Great job. I hope people in the vicinity of JJ hospital as well as Mumbai stop littering. My humble request to keep India clean.

  15. Indian cities will get even filthier, more and frequent flooding and smellier unless the fundamental issue of governance, enforcement of law and order and punishment for wrongdoers is carried out as in other civilised socialites. When were the babus-neta-builder imprisoned for building on illegal land, often critical and only route of water drainage? Who got ever punished for not cleaning the drains and instead pocketing the money? When was the last time relevant babu, neta or builder exposed by media? If politicians are lazy and crook and media in bed with them then where are courts?

  16. We do not want CM to be on roads cleaning the rubbish. CM has other important jobs to do. Cleaners must be hired to do this job. Hope the Swachch Bharat tax will help.


    No use cleaning up if people are not educated not to throw rubbish out on to the streets, treat the streets like your own home.

    from Sydney

  18. Rajeev Kumar Sood

    Any state which totally bans plastic and polythene is going to achieve half target of cleanliness as more than half of garbage collected by municipal authorities is polythene .And secondly it is the shopkeepers and roadside hawkers who do business in the market and throw all the litter on roads and even when they clean the shop front they just put all garbage in the middle of the road,this tendency of shopkeepers and roadside hawkers need to be stopped immediately if doesn’t stop need to be heavily penalized if we want results of Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan in true sense and true value for Swatchh Bharat Tax that every body in India is paying with little visible result.

  19. In addition to appreciating and commenting about this activity , people should start doing waste segregation at their home dont expect every panchayat/muncipality to initiate this , charity starts from your home so please follow this at your home and create awareness ammong your friends and relatives


  21. Don’t know why dragging Shri Harminder Sahib (Golden Temple)in the list to clean it. God knows when these mindless/with bad intention people in Govt will improve. This place is cleanest and including most of other Gurudwaras world wide. This useless Govt must focus on other places to clean which they will never be able to do.

  22. Why our public Toilet is not Maintained, even near a BJP MLC’s office …. How can we expect that more Toilets can be Conditioned !!!! This has been addressed in Twitter of Amitab Bacchan also long back

  23. Sanal janardhan Nair

    Major railway stations have a lot of odor at the outer part of the railway station. that gives a negative impression on part of the Indian railways. If anything can be done on this front, it will be great.

  24. First the mentality of the visitors need to be changed. We need to educate the people at first and their high-end behavior. Be cohesive and provide the facilities (bio-toilets), dust-bins all over the holy city. People have the habit of taking food outside; they need to be conscious in garbage throwing; the vendors in the sea beach need to be advocated in making the beach clean. Accordingly, the Government should offer some incentives to the vendors, local-people and the visitor in awarding and publicizing their names for the good cause.

  25. Well down my alma mater. Truly proud. Feedback for NDTV. It is Sherwood College and not Sherwood Schoo..

  26. Great work NDTV!

  27. In Delhi the only area never ever cleaned up and the dirtiest is the open parking area opposite Blue line Metro pillar no. 133-138 owned by Delhi Development Authority Div.no.12 which has resisted the attempts for its cleaning by making false statements and CE-East and CE-HQ relying upon them blindly.A proposal for joint site visit by the complainant along with DDA engg.top officials in Vikas Sadan was spiked.
    Prolonged exchange of emails ended in fiasco with top officials perceived apathy towards Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
    I hope new VC of DDA listens and contacts.

  28. shailendra kumar

    the lakhs of govt servants employed for cleaning and their supervisors taking fat salaries are the ones to be hauled up . They do hardly 5 % of what they are supposed to do . Go to a mall the cleaners will be continuously cleaning with short breaks , while a govt servant will come , sweep shabbily just once and then sit there whole day eating tobacco , cursing the govt , gossiping , playing politics creating further filth . . Govt employees union must be abolished . First they pay fat salaries to these cl four employees and then they further give contract to private company and then they put a swachch tax on the public also ; there is a fundamental flaw in this ; and that is just remove the govt employees without pension and use that money for paying the private company for cleaning and the country will become as clean as the malls . NO tax on public .

  29. I think this is a great Idea with great potential.Just imagine if bio-toilets are used in households. what a great saving of water. No drainage systems required. No cleaning. The more such toilets produced the less will be the cost. Oh great innovators of India please embark on this idea.

  30. We should also innovate for a Bio-wash/Spray instead of a regular bath. We can also innovate for bio-cleaning clothes/vessels. That would be wonderful.

  31. Mahendra D Kamdar

    Swachha Bharat Zumbesh, must not only mean taking brooms in hand, it should also include BAN ON “MANUFACTURE” OF PLASTICS BEYOND 50 MOCRON, ( instead, some times, police or municipal officers are seen catching sabziwala using thin platic bags rhather than banning manufacturering) putting such bin boxes which are effective, large and sturdy, unstolable, etc to the just broom weiling supporters, its only one time job. Add these too, to the campaign.

  32. Rajeev sneha balaga.mysore.

  33. We are doing cleanliness programme from 1/ 11/2014 to till date weekly minimum once till date.

  34. This SWATCH INDIA Project, just like others, is a multi-sectoral project. It needs a complete Structural Framework Plan ranging from Policy Making, Municipal/Town/Village Institutions, labour force, working resources-trucks, equipment, tools, bins, landfills, recycling units (micro and macro for energy productions and sub products), etc. It should be under the control of related Ministry/ies and appropriate legislations for enforcement purposes. The public should be educated in the sense of sanitation, health benefits and general healthy environmental conditions. All the local population should be sensitized as being beneficial to everyone and to visitors from regional/international levels. This should not be an ad hoc affair, but rather be a permanent and ever going process well looked after by the government.

  35. The reason why India remains polluted and dirty is because the minds of majority of Indians are also polluted and dirty. They will produce what they have in them. We expect someone else to clean for ourselves so that we cannot give up our habit of littering and polluting. The corrupt minds of people produce poor quality roads. And we don’t have any standard of producing quality products at all. When roads are constructed, nobody cares to pave or lay grass sods on the roads’ shoulders so that the dust cannot fly in the air with the wind etc. India is planning to build expressways, but nobody in India know how to drive a car. We Indians are the least organized people mentally and we produce that disorganization or chaos on the roads. Nobody drives within the marked lanes on the road. Even traffic police doesn’t know what do those white lines mean on the road. I feel like littering and spitting is just part of our culture. But there is hope in India due to the fact that our Indians are very greedy and money centered people. Government should take advantage of that and impose hefty monetary fines on people who litter, spit on the roads, damage public properties, and drive like lunatics. Hefty fines on road construction companies if they build poor quality roads. The mantra to correct people’s behavior in India is to make use of their inner/mental vulnerabilities i.e. their greed for money and make them pay hefty fines for their uncivil behavior. Trust me this will bring a huge change in the mindsets of Indians. Strict rules, with hefty fines etc. will be the gamechanger otherwise, all this media commercials etc. are not going to work…

  36. We have started Swachhta Abhiyan in Anand city from 31st January 2015.. we Did Swachhtta consistently Every Sunday 10am to 12pm in different area of Anand.

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