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Holi 2021 And COVID-19: How To Celebrate The Festival Of Colours At Home With Family

It has been over a year since the COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO). After witnessing a decline in the daily new cases for few months, the country is once again facing a spike in COVID-19 cases which according to the experts is the start of the second wave of the pandemic. Prompted by the continuous rise in cases, many states and Union Territories have restricted Holi celebrations and experts have also recommended that people should have subdued celebrations this year. The reason being that Holi involves gatherings and applying colours on each other with hands which violate the physical distancing norm. According to experts, people should strictly stay at home and avoid public gatherings this Holi to contain the further spread of the infection. Though the COVID-19 has dampened the spirit of the festival, one can still celebrate it at the comfort and safety of home with core family members.

Gather Virtually To Celebrate Holi

A festival is best celebrated with your near and dear ones and what is better than celebrating from the comfort of your home? Embrace the new normal and meet friends and families online. Together you can share laughter, enjoy food and drinks, play games, watch movies and while doing all this, you can easily ensure the safety of everyone.

Prepare Natural And Eco-Friendly Colours At Home

Though to ensure COVID protocols involving physical distancing, people should not smear each other in hues of different colours, but there is no harm in preparing colours at home and getting the festive vibes. This can also turn out to be a fun family activity.

Bring natural ingredients like turmeric, beetroot, and flowers like Buetea Frondosa and make your own colours. For the pink colour, you can use beetroot. Sun dry beetroot bits; grind them in a food processor till you get a fine powder. Mix gram flour to the beetroot powder to increase the quantity and get variant hues.

Indulge Yourself In The Art Of Cooking And Sweets

The festival of Holi is incomplete without sweets especially the traditional Gujiya. Instead of stepping out and standing in long queues to buy sweets for Holi, prepare some at home with love and your family.

Follow COVID Appropriate Behaviour At All Times

Even when at home, ensure you are taking precautions to safeguard yourself and your family from COVID-19.

Wear A Mask: If you are stepping out for some work or someone happens to come to your house, ensure you are wearing a three-layered face mask.

Ensure Physical Distance: According to World Health Organisation, one should maintain at least a metre distance from each other to reduce the risk of infection. So, if you are meeting someone, make sure you are at a safe distance.

Wash Your Hands Regularly: WHO recommends maintaining good hand hygiene by either washing hands with soap for 20 seconds or using alcohol based hand sanitiser. Wash your hands regularly to ward off COVID-19.