Global Handwashing Day Activities

Global Handwashing Day Activities

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  1. The Motive in this whole concept is just amazing. I am from West Bengal and currently living in New Jersey and I am really happy this thing happening in my Country. I am with you NDTV and Prime Minister Narendra Modi Jee. Also I loved the Cute drawings 🙂

  2. What a amazing startup by the NDTV and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji and I already saw the impact of this on my society and the railways. Every State should adopt this thing to make India Great Again

  3. Great work, NDTV. Small things always encourage people to participate in such activities in real life. You guys are doing great. We always supports you. 🙂

  4. NDTV is doing a great job by creating an awareness about Clean India. The only way India can become clean is when everybody learns to keep it clean, like they’d their homes. Keep up the great work!

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