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India’s Coronavirus Warriors

Meet India’s Coronavirus Warriors Who Are Fighting In Their Unique Way To Flatten The COVID-19 Curve And Save The Country From The Crisis

Meet India’s heroes, who at a time of a pandemic are doing their bit to serve the nation and help its people fight this crisis of coronavirus outbreak

Meet India’s Coronavirus Warriors Who Are Fighting In Their Unique Way To Flatten The COVID-19 Curve And Save The Country From The Crisis
  • The first case of coronavirus came to India on January 30
  • By March 25, India was lockdown completely
  • In this period, many have come forward to help other people

New Delhi: We are living in the times of coronavirus – a global emergency that has put an abrupt stop to everyone’s daily life. In these gloomy times, when many of us are confined in the comfortS of our homes amid the nation-wide lockdown to stay safe, there are many out there who have decided to step out of their comfort zone and do their bit for those who are not as fortunate. Here’s the story of five such warriors who have decided to go an extra mile at a time of an ongoing pandemic.

A 23-Year-Old Sarpanch From Hyderabad Who Decided To Stand Outside Her Village To Prevent People From Escaping The lockdown

Meet Akhila Yadav, a BSc graduate and sarpanch from Madanapuram village in Nalgonda district of Hyderabad. When PM Modi announced the first lockdown in India for 21-days on March 24, Akhila decided to join PM Modi’s initiative. She from the very next day started to stand guard outside her village with a stick in her hand, to stop people from entering her village without A valid reason and preventing people from her village to defy the lockdown. She would stand from morning to afternoon then take a break and again stand till the evening.

Apart from this, the sarpanch has also been going door-to-door to educate her villagers about COVID-19 symptoms and why at this crucial juncture following the necessary guidelines such as lockdown and maintaining personal hygiene is necessary.

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Her work was applauded by the Prime Minister himself on his monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat.

Differently-Abled Homeless Women Make Masks For Chennai Sanitary Workers

At the Chennai Corporation shelter in Nungambakkam, homeless physically-challenged women decided to do their bit at this time of coronavirus outbreak. They worked day and night to stitch together face masks using reusable fabrics so that poor sanitary workers of Chennai Corporation could protect themselves from the deadly infection. Speaking to NDTV, one of the women said,

The government has given this shelter to us..During this time of pandemic, we decided to do something for the government and started making face masks for the sanitary workers of Chennai. In one day, we make about 200-300 face masks, we are following all the necessary guidelines like social distancing, maintaining good personal hygiene and sanitise our hands every now and then.

Dr Aishwarya Rao, Director of the shelter talking about the initiative and what message this deed is sending to the world said,

Everybody is talking about the frontline workers like doctors and other healthcare staff. We are not at the frontline but we are also doing our bit in this time of crisis. These shelter home women are supporting the non-frontline workers by making these protection gears so that they can also protect themselves from the highly contagious infection.


Rajasthan Couple, A Constable And A Compounder Report To Work In The Frontline Daily Leaving Their Seven-Year-Old Daughter Behind At Home

Meet Saroj Kumar, she is a Constable at Rajasthan Police, while her husband works as a compounder at a hospital in the state. At a time when a pandemic is causing havoc to normal life, both these frontline workers have decided to go to work on a daily basis and perform their duty. Back home is their seven-year-old daughter, who the couple leave behind every day at home, amid the nation-wide crisis.

While this may sound like a draconian measure to leave the child behind alone, the doting mother does it only to ensure that her young one stays safe and both of them can be available on their respective duties on a regular basis.  The lady constable takes pride in performing her duty and is also a concerned mother but she firmly believes that the country always comes first. She says,

As a mother, I do feel scared leaving my child at home. But I have to control my emotions and do my job. I always believe in the motto that the country always comes first before anything else.

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74-year-old Man From Reasi, Jammu & Kashmir, Made 6,000 Masks Using His Pension Money To Distribute Among The Less Fortunate People 

Meet Yog Raj Mengi, a 74-year-old pensioner. He decided to buy a sewing machine and some fabric and started making face masks for less fortunate people so that even they can safeguard themselves in this time of crisis. He has distributed over 6,000 masks till now, all using his pension money. Taking a step further, now the man has decided to distribute free ration in his area.

His work also got him a thumbs up from PM Modi, sharing his story on his social media handle, PM Modi said, “Proud of citizens like him! They are adding so much might in the battle against COVID-19.”

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This Hyderabad Couple Is Helping Migrants By Giving Them Free Meals  

A software engineer couple in Hyderabad could have stayed home like most. But seeing the plight of migrant labourers on the road of Hyderabad, they decided to help them out. At first, they started cooking meals at home for these workers. But soon realiseD they can only feed a few people. So, they stepped outside and decided to ask their neighbourhood restaurant to open their kitchen for them and help them start feeding the migrants. Today, they are making meals in the restaurant kitchen with the help of a few friends in the neighbourhood and are able to feed more than 2,000 migrants daily.

They have been sourcing material for these meals from their own savings.

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Coronavirus has spread to 195 countries. The total confirmed cases worldwide are 24,50,12,529 and 49,72,271 have died; 20,64,25,824 are active cases and 3,36,14,434 have recovered as on October 28, 2021 at 4:00 am.


3,42,31,809 16,156Cases
3,36,14,434 17,095Recovered
4,56,386 733Deaths
In India, there are 3,42,31,809 confirmed cases including 4,56,386 deaths. The number of active cases is 1,60,989 and 3,36,14,434 have recovered as on October 28, 2021 at 2:30 am.

State Details

State Cases Active Recovered Deaths

66,06,536 1,485

23,096 3,500

64,43,342 4,947

1,40,098 38


49,38,603 9,445

77,158 2,100

48,31,468 6,723

29,977 622


29,86,835 282

8,459 80

29,40,339 349

38,037 13

Tamil Nadu

26,98,493 1,075

12,288 252

26,50,145 1,315

36,060 12

Andhra Pradesh

20,64,854 567

4,777 122

20,45,713 437

14,364 8

Uttar Pradesh

17,10,114 13

100 6

16,87,115 7


West Bengal

15,89,042 976

7,973 124

15,61,973 837

19,096 15


14,39,709 38

348 25

14,14,270 13



10,39,818 549

4,392 213

10,27,108 334

8,318 2


10,05,926 28

263 14

9,92,088 12

13,575 2


9,54,411 4

20 0

9,45,437 4



8,26,481 17

173 2

8,16,220 15


Madhya Pradesh

7,92,804 20

108 9

7,82,172 10

10,524 1


7,71,204 15

133 5

7,61,022 10



7,26,073 5

41 1

7,16,371 4



6,70,829 186

4,164 63

6,62,714 122

3,951 1


6,09,506 244

3,838 153

5,99,681 391

5,987 6


6,02,289 38

246 20

5,85,487 16

16,556 2


3,48,705 28

160 30

3,43,408 56

5,137 2


3,43,861 17

150 6

3,36,312 23


Jammu And Kashmir

3,31,865 70

838 16

3,26,596 86


Himachal Pradesh

2,23,406 261

1,972 211

2,17,693 48

3,741 2


1,77,969 23

454 29

1,74,152 51

3,363 1


1,27,846 40

443 10

1,25,546 50



1,23,473 70

844 29

1,20,712 97

1,917 2


1,19,496 547

7,320 446

1,11,752 991

424 2


84,438 15

123 1

83,499 14



83,466 51

507 22

81,511 71

1,448 2


65,331 5

29 2

64,482 3


Arunachal Pradesh

55,120 6

115 22

54,725 28



31,925 13

177 1

31,353 12



31,759 12

222 3

30,856 15



20,925 8

47 6

20,670 2


Dadra And Nagar Haveli

10,682 1

6 0

10,672 1




0 0



Andaman And Nicobar Islands

7,650 2

5 1

7,516 1


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1 Comment


    November 20, 2020 at 1:52 pm

    During Pandemic of Covid 19 not a single day clinic closed since last 8 months Unique record on Dr.Gokulsing Girase’s name .served in corporation’s fever OPD as well. Thanks God & all well wishers for this achievement (Mentioned for motivation to others ) – DrGOKULSING GIRASE KALYAN (THANE) MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA

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