#Mere10Guz Clean-up Drive Stories: Shortlisted Entries

#Mere10Guz Clean-up Drive Stories: Shortlisted Entries

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  1. Today, I had a wonderful experience. Normally, I do Swacch Bharath in the morning. Since I had gone out in the morning, I could do Swacch Bharath work only in the evening. I was doing the cleaning work, an engineering student came behind me and asked, ” Uncle, I am seeing you for the last one month. You are cleaning these pillars. Can I help you?”. On enquiry he had told that he had completed his engineering degree and attending some classes at Hyderabad.
    I said, “Thanks a lot. I am doing a Swacch Bharath seva. Please dont spoil your shirt. Since, you had come from classes, you must be tired”. He smiled and said, “Uncle, I will help you at least tomorrow morning.”. I thanked him for offering help. I could get one friend because of Swacch Bharath activity. Every day my experience is so unique and worth remembering and cherish it.

  2. आज मेरा देश बदल रहा है और साथ साथ मेरा भारत स्वच्छ भी हो रहा है..!स्वच्छता मे तो भगवान निवास करते है तो हम क्यों न स्वच्छ रहे..!!स्वच्छ रहना हमारा खुद का कर्तव्य है न की किसी और की..!!तो आओ हम सभी मिल कर स्वच्छ भारत बनाये…!!

  3. feeling so happy , our film is shortlisted for NDTV news programme,which is hosted by the great Amitabh Bacchan. Feeling proud to be a part of Guru nargi Paonta Sahib…well done team #CPGP. We are on the right track,lets go ahead. Jai Hind

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