Maha Cleanthanon In Mumbai Led By Devendra Fadnavis, Big B: Highlights

Maha Cleanthanon In Mumbai Led By Devendra Fadnavis, Big B: Highlights

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  1. yashwant Kumar saxena

    Good morning to all

    We create two systems to control wastage management with zero pollution. We just setup a system in bhilwara Rajasthan.
    1. Wastage management with zero pollution
    2. Smoke pollution control system.
    So we want serve the nation and world .

    Yashwant Kumar , instructor ,. ITI, bhilwara 8209856015

  2. Please make India free from waste. May God help the citizens of India to make India a garbage free country,

    Brunila Goa India
    12.44 pm. 4-09-2017

  3. Dear All,
    It was very exciting and encouraging to watch the program of today on MAHA CLEANOTHON Program and see the great personalities.
    All are worried about plastic waste.
    I have one question:
    What do you do with the the waste Collected ?
    We are only dumping/making compost/
    I have an solution to deal with all kinds of wastes including Plastic,
    It is waste to Syngas and/or Electricity, a recently developed technology. I would like to put a plant of 400 TPD treatment generating 10 MW electricity ,no pollution/ slag left over 8/10% and is used for construction and no land fill required.

  4. When we Indians proclaim India to be the next super power, we need to realise that we first should be a clean and organised nation. Cleanliness around, Street name signs, traffic signs should be achieved for each street of every city and people should take driving lessons before taking up driving or riding bikes and most importantly obey traffic rules. We should better our lives and society with best practices around the world and take up the standard to become worthy of a superpower.

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