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Coronavirus Outbreak

PM Modi Says Self-Reliance Biggest Lesson From Pandemic, Hails ‘Do Gaz Ki Doori’ Mantra To Combat Virus

While interacting with heads and members of various gram panchayats via video conferencing, PM Modi motivated them to remain positive and take learning from the current crisis in becoming sefl-reliant

PM Modi Says Self-Reliance Biggest Lesson From Pandemic, Hails 'Do Gaz Ki Doori' Mantra To Combat Virus
  • PM Modi interacted with gram panchayat members to mark Panchayati Raj Divas
  • He urged people to get correct information and not swayed by rumours
  • He suggested people to consume well –cooked meals

New Delhi: Applauding people for their grit in fighting the COVID-19 outbreak, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the biggest lesson the pandemic has taught India is to become self-reliant and complimented rural India for defining social distancing in simpler words, ‘Do Gaz Ki Doori’, to make people understand its importance. PM Modi said skills and knowledge of people are put to test during the time of a crisis, but India’s villages have displayed the best of their efforts to fight the pandemic. While interacting with gram panchayat members via video conference he said,

With its simple mantra of Do Gaz Ki Doori (maintaining distance of two yards), rural India has described social distancing in simple words, villages have showcased the best of their principles, traditional values to fight coronavirus.

The prime minister was interacting with gram panchayat heads and members to mark Panchayati Raj Divas on Friday. The programme was earlier slated to be held in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh but was held by a video bridge following the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

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PM Modi said the pandemic has thrown up new challenges which the country never faced before, but it also made people learn new things. “The biggest message COVID-19 has given, the biggest lesson it has taught is to become self-reliant,” he said, underlining that it is now imperative that villages also become self-reliant for their basic needs.

Every gram sabha, every block and every district needs to be self-reliant for its basic needs, he added. Applauding people for observing lockdown rules, the prime minister said it is because of them, the entire world today is talking about how India has responded to the COVID-19 outbreak. The prime minister asserted,

COVID-19 is a huge crisis for the world but people of India have shown grit in this fight. We are fighting this and we are moving ahead with new ideas to tackle the virus.

Despite limited resources amid the coronavirus crisis, citizens are taking on this challenge instead of succumbing to difficulties, he pointed out. Heads and members of gram panchayats from across the country shared their experiences in handling the crisis and conveyed to the prime minister that people are religiously following the lockdown.

During the interaction, a gram panchyat member of Jammu and Kashmir said amid this crisis respect and suspect for the people should go in hand to ensure that spread of the virus is checked. Modi also told them COVID-19 is a unique virus, it doesn’t enter homes of the people on its own, “it is you who can bring it home then it spares no one.” He asked a gram panchayat representative from Cachar in Assam whether people of the state were angry as Bihu festival could not be celebrated due to lockdown.

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The representative said people understood that the decision was taken in larger good. A gram panchayat head from near Pune in Maharashtra gave a similar reply when the prime minister asked whether people were unhappy with him. In his concluding remarks, the prime minister stressed that there was need to ensure that people get correct information and are not swayed by rumours and misinformation. “We have to get people out of every kind of misunderstanding. Correct information should reach every family … I am confident that all of you will definitely defeat coronavirus with your collective efforts and your determination,” he said.

He said well-cooked food should be consumed. He also said certain spices and home-made ‘kadha’ (an Ayurvedic home remedy) are good to develop immunity. He stressed that a body with strong immunity can help remain strong and healthy. PM Modi said,

Coronavirus pandemic has really changed the way we work.

He said earlier such programmes were held where people used to meet in person. But now events are being held via video conference, he said. While urging people to maintain personal hygiene by washing hands regularly and covering the face with home-made masks like ‘gamcha’, he also pitched for downloading the Arogya Setu application for mobiles. “It is like your body guard,” he said.

The government had on April 2 launched the mobile app to help people assess themselves the risk of getting infected with coronavirus and alert authorities if they have come in close contact with a person infected with the deadly virus. He said there was a time when less than 100 gram panchayats were connected to broadband. Now, over 1.25 lakh gram panchayats have broadband, he said while talking about various initiatives taken by his government for development of the villages.

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Prime Minister Modi also launched the e-GramSwaraj Portal and Mobile App to make the operations of Gram Panchayats digital. The unified portal is a new initiative of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj to provide the village panchayats with a single interface to prepare and implement their gram panchayat development plan (GPDP).

He also launched the Swamitva Scheme on the occasion, which provides for an integrated property validation solution for rural India. Demarcation of inhabited land in rural areas would be done by the use of latest surveying methods — drone technology with the collaborated efforts of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, State Panchayati Raj Department, State Revenue Department and the Survey of India.

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Coronavirus has spread to 196 countries. The total confirmed cases worldwide are 26,71,08,375 and 52,70,820 have died; 22,77,48,418 are active cases and 3,40,89,137 have recovered as on December 8, 2021 at 3:48 am.


3,46,48,383 6,822Cases
3,40,79,612 10,004Recovered
4,73,757 220Deaths
In India, there are 3,46,48,383 confirmed cases including 4,73,757 deaths. The number of active cases is 95,014 and 3,40,79,612 have recovered as on December 7, 2021 at 2:30 am.

State Details

State Cases Active Recovered Deaths

66,39,296 518

10,528 298

64,87,593 811

1,41,175 5


51,69,198 3,277

41,386 2,724

50,86,044 5,833

41,768 168


29,98,400 301

7,096 65

29,53,067 359

38,237 7

Tamil Nadu

27,31,235 719

8,013 28

26,86,683 737

36,539 10

Andhra Pradesh

20,73,852 122

2,030 92

20,57,369 213

14,453 1

Uttar Pradesh

17,10,485 10

137 3

16,87,437 7


West Bengal

16,19,722 465

7,590 49

15,92,579 505

19,553 9


14,41,398 40

344 26

14,15,955 65

25,099 1


10,50,354 105

2,010 144

10,39,921 248

8,423 1


10,07,011 44

337 7

9,93,081 37



9,54,920 29

221 0

9,45,743 28

8,956 1


8,27,745 38

350 1

8,17,300 37


Madhya Pradesh

7,93,258 17

137 4

7,82,593 13



7,71,851 32

203 18

7,61,594 14



7,26,244 7

28 2

7,14,126 5



6,77,138 195

3,810 23

6,69,328 171

4,000 1


6,17,758 182

2,544 54

6,09,088 122

6,126 6


6,03,509 21

333 28

5,86,565 46

16,611 3


3,49,352 10

131 4

3,44,080 6



3,44,364 11

172 2

3,36,781 13


Jammu And Kashmir

3,37,915 108

1,661 45

3,31,771 151

4,483 2

Himachal Pradesh

2,27,630 112

776 21

2,23,001 90

3,853 1


1,79,209 35

413 1

1,75,409 34



1,36,784 330

3,120 19

1,33,156 310

508 1


1,29,093 8

250 30

1,26,968 38



1,25,389 29

341 12

1,23,063 38

1,985 3


84,866 8

93 3

83,948 5



84,599 16

246 2

82,878 14



65,500 12

62 4

64,618 8


Arunachal Pradesh

55,294 1

35 1

54,979 2



32,374 5

214 1

31,755 6



32,140 4

120 3

31,321 1



21,723 9

270 25

21,238 34


Dadra And Nagar Haveli


0 0





10 0



Andaman And Nicobar Islands

7,690 2

3 1

7,558 3


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