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Actor Arjun Kapoor And Parineeti Chopra Talk About Plastic Pollution

Published On: October 2, 2018 | Duration: 20 MIN, 06 SEC
Actor Parineeti Chopra who spends a lot of time under water, scuba diving shares her experience of diving and looking at all the plastic in the water. She says while it is disheartening to see the deteriorating state of water bodies, it is heartwarming to see numerous people taking a stand for clean India. Actor Arjun Kapoor talks about how plastic has become a part of our life and the change that has started happening.

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  1. Chandna

    October 3, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    Get over the overhyped plastic .get real.Start with the Khel ratnas spitting on the cricket field.Saliva carries micro organisms including TB.Let the players take oath at Rajkot after visiting the neo Gandhi museum that they will never spit on or off the field.That will be exemplary or Swatch India. Paan spitting was the Waterloo of CP renovation by Ms Dixit for CWG
    Let us convince our kids to clip their nails,wash their hands and not wipe a running nose with their sleeves.It has to be Swatch for Sweim (yourself) Not for India, not for Modi
    Let the kids learn to use the broom in school cleaning and respect the dignity of labour.
    Let the Kids say no to Crackers this Diwali ?Instead to getting air time post Diwali it should be a daily pledge in all schools.Sound pollution is disregarded is a major health threat to Man, birds and animals

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