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No Swachhta In India's Seat Of Power - Raisina Hills

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's cleanliness call seems to have few takers in Raisina Hills, India's seat of power which houses most important government buildings including Rashtrapati Bhavan, Secretariat building housing Prime Minister's office and offices of other top ministries like Finance and Home Affairs. A reality check done by NDTV shows two sides of the government claim - "Swachhta Hi Seva Hai". On the first floor where usually the union ministers sit, the red carpets and dimly lit foot lights greet every important person who enters this zone called "The Raisina Hills". Flower rangolis and green plants are seen in a corridor leading to the top ministers' office. Notably, cleanliness is such a high priority in this floor of the building that floor is swept every two hours and even the red carpet on the stairs is dusted three times a day. But the condition of the floors above the first floor presents a different case. Paan stains on corridors, filthy staircases and garbage outside each door is a common sight. Swachhta like charity needs to begin at home, but condition of Raisina Hill offices show that commitment to cleanliness is still a far way off.


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