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Swachh Kumbh: Here’s How It Became One Of India’s Cleanest Festival?

Published On: March 16, 2019 | Duration: 37 MIN, 53 SEC
To live up to the theme of swachh Kumbh this year, 'Swachh Kumbh, Surakshit Kumbh' (Clean Kumbh, Secure Kumbh), Uttar Pradesh government took various steps. From employing more than 20,000 sanitation workers to involving 1500 swachhgrahis (clean India volunteers) to educate and motivate people to keep the Kumbh premises clean, from installing over 1.2 lakh toilets to setting up temporary Sewerage Treatment Plants so that no faecal waste ends up directly in the Ganga, the authorities have done it all to keep Kumbh Mela 2019 spic and span.
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