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This Trans-woman Quit Engineering To Fight For The Rights Of Transgenders

Published On: February 23, 2023 | Duration: 4 MIN, 21 SEC
Meet K. Sheethal Nayak, a trans-woman, who was born and raised in Pondicherry. After completing four years of college and studying engineering, K. Sheethal Nayak came out to her parents about her identity, but wasn't accepted. She decided to move out of the house and it is then she realised the dark side of the world that transgenders have to live through. It is then she decided to dedicate her life in uplifting the status of transgenders in India. It was Sheethal's passion about the cause that led her to create SCOHD society in 2003 that stands for Sahodaran Community Oriented Health Development. The society was created with the aim to create a safe space for people of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi and transgender) and MSM (men who have sex with men) community.
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