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An Auto Rickshaw In Kerala Promotes Hand Washing With On The Go Tap And Hand Wash, Internet Lauds

In the fight against COVID-19, an auto rickshaw driver in Kerala has installed a working tap with a bottle of hand wash in his vehicle and asks passengers to wash hands before boarding the vehicle

An Auto Rickshaw In Kerala Promotes Hand Washing With On The Go Tap And Hand Wash, Internet Lauds

New Delhi: Ask any expert ‘how to fight COVID-19’ and of the best ways they will suggest is handwashing with soap. Health experts and organisations like the World Health Organisation, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHF&W) have time and again stressed on the importance of hand washing in the times of Coronavirus pandemic. Having understood the message, an auto rickshaw driver in Kerala installed a working tap with a bottle of hand wash in his vehicle.

In a video shared by businessman Harsh Goenka on Twitter, auto rickshaw driver is seen requesting a passenger to wash his hands before boarding the auto. The passenger then turns on the tap installed on the side of the auto and washes his hands with liquid soap kept underneath. After thoroughly washing his hands, the man boards the vehicle.

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Sharing the video on Twitter, Mr Goenka wrote, “Auto rickshaw with hand washing and sanitizer facilities” and titled it as ‘Corona Innovation’. The video has garnered over 60,000 views along with some suggestions and applauds. While some called the initiative unique and useful, others pointed out the improper use of face masks by both the passenger and driver. In the video, it’s seen that the face mask is not covering their nose.

Watch The Corona Innovation

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Before Mr Goenka brought the innovation to notice, the video was shared by a twitter user Namma Bengaluroo who thinks it will be better if someone improvises it and makes a contactless system of dispensing water and sanitiser. It would be even better if the innovation can be adopted on all public transports like buses and metros.

The video was originally shared on Tik Tok six days ago and since then it has been doing rounds of the internet.

This is not the first time an innovation specific to public transport has come in limelight. Earlier in April, Anand Mahindra, Chairman Mahindra Group, shared an example of social distancing being practised in a means of public transport. On his social media, Mr Mahindra tweeted a video of a battery-run rickshaw which has been divided into four chambers for four passengers. The driver’s seat is also separated from the passenger area by a solid partition. Sharing the video, he said, “The capabilities of our people to rapidly innovate & adapt to new circumstances never ceases to amaze me.”

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Further tagging his team member, Mr Mahindra wrote, “We need to get him as an advisor to our R&D & product development teams!”

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