New Delhi: ‘While I was working, I realised I am not tapping into my passion. I wanted to help people, come out with an innovation that would help thousands around me,’ says Deepanjali Dalmia, who was working as a financial consultant at a top firm in New York. And, it was this thought that made her quit her job in 2015. Today, she is a proud founder of an organic sanitary pad brand called Heyday and is providing healthier and greener alternatives to women in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Mumbai. The sanitary pad is 100% biodegradable and is made from bamboo and corn fibres.

Challenging Social Taboos: 26-year-old Deepanjali Quit Her Job In New York To Sell Organic Sanitary Pads In India
Meet the water warrior – Deepanjali Dalmia

Speaking to NDTV about her journey from being a financial consultant to being a founder of an organic sanitary napkins brand, Deepanjali added,

Personal Hygiene was one sector that always excited me. When I quit my job, I devoted all my time to industry research to get an idea of a sector in which I can start working. Soon, I realised, in India nearly 87 percent of women do not use sanitary pads, and those who use a sanitary pad, don’t know what it constituents of. I was shocked to know this grim side about menstrual hygiene in my country and that was it. I decided to do something about it.

The Journey Of Heyday

Challenging Social Taboos: 26-year-old Deepanjali Quit Her Job In New York To Sell Organic Sanitary Pads In India
Sanitary pads that is 100% biodegradable and is made from bamboo and corn fibres

Once the sector was decided, Deepanjali started collecting funds that mostly came from her own savings, with some support from her family. Soon, she put a team in place who could help her make a prototype of a sanitary pad that is organic, second is 100% natural and thirdly is a safer alternative for women who still rely on plastic sanitary pads.

During my research, I came across some mind-boggling statistics that made me push towards my goal even faster. I realised, traditional pads in the market are made up of 90% plastics and are loaded with chemicals. And, we women are using this at the most sensitive part of the body. Apart from personal hygiene, these are harming our environment. And, all I wanted was to put an end to these grim realities, added Deepanjali.

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After a research of over two years, Deepanjali finally came out with a prototype, a sanitary pad that was made using bamboo fibre, which has high absorbance levels, and corn, for its soft texture.

Last year, in September, Deepanjali launched her company Heyday in India – a completely end-to-end biodegradable and organic sanitary napkin to help women living in urban areas of the society make an educated choice.

Deepanjali has realised that her business idea can fill the huge gap that exists in the menstrual hygiene segment today in India. The company manufactures the products from China and Finland and packages these in India. Talking about why manufacturing is done from abroad, Deepanjali said,

We wanted to build a 100% organic product, one that’s free from all the chemicals. We couldn’t find a chemical-free soil in India and that’s the prime reason why we had to look out for options.

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Challenging Social Taboos: 26-year-old Deepanjali Quit Her Job In New York To Sell Organic Sanitary Pads In India

Despite being manufactured abroad, Heyday pads cost no more than the regular ones in the market. Currently, the company is selling two types of sanitary napkins – ultra-thin sanitary pads at a cost price of Rs. 85 (7 pads), Rs. 165 (14 pads) and maxi fluff sanitary pads at a cost price of Rs. 79 (7 pads) and Rs.155 (14 pads). From sanitary pads to its cover and packaging, everything biodegrades itself within six months.

Heyday currently is aiming to go digital soon, so that they can cater to a larger audience. Currently, the products are available in 24×7 stores.

Deepanjali signs off by saying,

This journey was not an easy one, but I always believe that we have two homes — our bodies and the environment — and we must take care of both.

Deepanjali Dalmia made it to Forbes India’s 30 Under 30 list in 2017 that features exceptional under 30 Indians who are creating a new India.

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