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Earth Day 2020: Amid The COVID-19 Outbreak, Women Of Bollywood Thank The Great Mother That Has Fostered Life And Nature

While India remians under a lockdown to control the spread of novel coronavirus, Bollywood celebrities celebrated Earth Day 2020 on social media

UN Environment observes Earth Day every year on April 22 to celebrate the presence of life and nature around the planet
  • UN Environment observes Earth Day every year on April 22
  • Earth Day 2020 is the Golden Jubilee of Earth Day
  • Earth Day 2020 calls for 24 hours of actions, for people and the planet

New Delhi: As the world observes the 50th Earth Day today (April 22), Bollywood celebrities also took the occasion to appreciate Mother Earth. United Nations Environment, Goodwill Ambassador Dia Mirza, Actors, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Sonakshi Sinha and Bhumi Padnekar were among the celebrities who thanked the Mother Earth via their social media.

Dia Mirza urged everyone to celebrate #EarthDay like it’s their Birthday. She took to Instagram to highlight the importance of the day with a video where she recites a poem she penned down in 2018, along with the caption,

There are a lot of exciting things planned for you today and I want to start off with a poem I wrote in 2018. I really wanted to share it with everyone as it’s still just as relevant and it’s something we all hope to achieve. During this time that we have stayed home and stayed safe many of us have recognised the abundance of nature, the sense of peace, harmony and balance that nature brings to our lives. So let this poem be a reminder of all things beautiful and help us recognise the things we can do to become better citizens of our planet! We are part of ONE planet and live with ONE humanity.

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Veteran actor, Madhuri Dixit Nene posted a video, where she can be seen cycling through the lanes of an area surrounded by trees. The actor throws light on the fact that Earth is becoming greener and healthier during the lockdown, with the caption,

This lockdown has shown us how little nature needs for it to revive & thrive. On the 50th #EarthDay let us all pledge to #DoOurBit by switching off appliances when not in use, plant trees, use fuel & water conservatively. Together we can build a better world, one we all are proud of, she wrote.

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Climate Warrior Bhumi Pednekar who is known for advocating the need for environmental conservation also took to the micro-blogging site to share her poem on Earth,

Happy Earth Day, Our Earth is our home, It’s one of a kind. It shelters many together, Animals & people with the same love and like. It gives us water, food and a land to walk, It gives us air to breathe and the sun for heat. But what am I doing to protect her? You can save water and plant a tree, Say no to single use plastic and make her free. Recycle your things, Don’t make more trash, We have really abused her, let’s not be rash. I love you Earth is all I can say, every day should be Earth Day #HappyEarthDay #EarthDay #ClimateWarrior.

Sonam Kapoor shared a post on Instagram with an Emily Dickinson poem on Earth as the caption which reads,

The earth has many keys,
Where melody is not
Is the unknown peninsula.
Beauty is nature’s fact.
But witness for her land,
And witness for her sea,
The cricket is her utmost
Of elegy to me.

– by Emily Dickinson #earthday

Sonakshi Sinha said that both ‘heart’ and ‘earth’ are spelt the same, she said,

When you realise “heart” and Earth are spelt with the same letters, it all starts to make sense! Happy 50th #EarthDay! #reduce #reuse #recycle #replenish #restore #earthday2020 #earthdayathome .

Earth Day 2020

UN Environment observes Earth Day every year on April 22 to celebrate the presence of life and nature around the planet. This year marks the 50th of the annual Earth Day with the theme ‘climate action’. Earth Day 2020 calls for 24 hours of actions, big and small, for people and the planet.

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