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‘From Earth To The Moon’, Alia Bhatt And Varun Dhawan Spread The ‘Say No To Litter’ Message For A Swachh Bharat

In their second video of the Clean India series, actors Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan reach the moon to drive home the message of do not contaminate your surroundings

From Earth To The Moon, Alia Bhatt And Varun Dhawan Spread The ‘Say No To Litter’ Message For A Swachh Bharat

New Delhi: ‘Wasn’t our planet dirty enough, that you have started littering and destroying the beauty of moon now,” says an angry Alia Bhatt to Varun Dhawan in their newly released short clip on Twitter. The video has the duo play astronauts on a mission to moon, and on successfully reaching the moon one of them inadvertently starts to discard wrappers and the mission gets aborted. The actors hope to drive home an important message for a Swachh India – ‘Stop Littering and Save The World’.

Watch the video here:

Sharing the new video, actor Varun Dhawan said, “To make the simple point of ‘Stop littering and save our world’, I had to reach the moon.”

While Alia Bhatt added, “Our planet.. Our home! It is our duty to keep it clean.”

This is not the first time the actors have come together for the cause of Swachh India, earlier this month both the actors recreated the magic of Romeo and Juliet with a Swachh twist and in a hope to educate people on ‘If we don’t litter abroad then why do we litter in India’.

The actors have shot series of videos for the Clean India initiative, this is their second video from the series and it is expected that in the coming days few more interesting clips will be shared with the netizens. Through their videos they want to educate each and every citizen of the country with one simple thing – Badlega scene, jab duniya hogi clean! (The scene will change when the world around us will be clean).

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