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Air Pollution

Go Cracker Free This Diwali And Save The Planet, Actor Dia Mirza’s Message For The Swachh India

Actor Dia Mirza voices her support for a cracker free Diwali in a bid to tackle Air Pollution, that’s growing in India at an alarming rate

Go Cracker Free This Diwali And Save The Planet, Actor Dia Mirza’s Message For The Swachh India

New Delhi: ‘We all do a great amount of damage to the quality of the air at the time of Diwali by bursting crackers, causing the grave harm to the elderly, children and to our health in general. It’s time we rethink,’ says Actor Dia Mirza, urging people to go cracker free this Diwali. The message was posted by the 36-year-old actor through a video post on Twitter, “Can we make informed choices for the sake of health? Citizens across the country have pledged to celebrate a #crackerfree #Diwali!”

Dia Mirza has urged the citizens to celebrate the festival of lights in an eco-friendly way. She adds,

There are citizens across the country who are willing to take the pledge to go cracker free during Diwali, it is amazing to see that people are making an informed choice. All of us who understand how deeply connected our health and well-being is to the environment, need to make choices like this.

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The actor also expressed gratitude and thanked all those people who are pledging to go cracker free.

Watch her video message:

In light of the poor air quality prevailing in the country, the ban on the sale of firecrackers is only effective in Delhi and residential areas of Maharashtra. Chhattisgarh government has banned only the use of firecrackers with higher decibels.

Air Pollution is the 5th largest killer in India and our country has also the world’s highest death rate from chronic respiratory diseases and asthma. 10 of the world’s most polluted cities are in India.

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