From Greeting Cards, Coasters To Calendars, This Man Is Reducing Paper Waste In India By Converting Them Into A Plant

New Delhi: ‘Few years back, while shifting our office, I realised that over a period of time I have wasted a lot of paper. As an entrepreneur, I wanted to be a part of solutions to the problems in our country and not create more difficulties. And, that’s when I realised, I need to do something in order to stop paper wastage in India,’ says 30-year-old Divyanshu Asopa. Today, he is known for inventing a special paper that when sowed in the soil grows into a plant – ‘Beej-Kapas’. So the first step was to use this paper to create products using this innovation. From making greeting cards, wedding cards, corporate cards, coasters, tags, paper bags to calendars, Divyanshu is creating many beautiful items using his special paper.  So that when it came to discarding, these products after use these will not end up in the garbage pile like the traditional paper products.

From Greeting Cards, Coasters To Calendars, This Man Is Reducing Paper Waste In India By Converting Them Into A Plant
Eco-friendly products made using paper

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Talking about the innovation, Divyanshu Asopa says,

This idea of sustainability and waste management was not a eureka moment for me, but, a gradual process. Over the years, I have seen myself and others wasting so much paper. When we buy greeting cards or a wedding cards for instance, we use it for a certain time period and after that it just goes into waste. That’s what I wanted to change, I wanted to come out with a paper that can get a new lease of life. That’s why we invented Beej-Kapas, which is a special handmade paper and is made from seeds and cotton.

So far, Divyanshu Asopa has sold 2 million Beej-Kapas products that have successfully grown into millions of plants. Explaining how paper is converted into a plant Divyanshu adds,

After the product has been used, one can put the paper in the soil, the cotton used to make that paper will start decomposing itself in the soil and the seeds will start to germinate and slowly become a plant.

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Learn The Process Of Growing

One can buy all these products by contacting them online through their site. Talking about their recent innovation through which they want to connect with more and more individuals, Divyanshu said,

Our recent innovation is Kyaari – a calendar framed inside a wooden frame which is made from already used wood. In a year this calendar will help you create a beautiful garden full of marigold, basil, tomato and coreopsis plant. All you have to do is put each passing month’s paper in the soil and soon you will have your very own garden.

Kyaari can be purchased for ₹1,199.

From Greeting Cards, Coasters To Calendars, This Man Is Reducing Paper Waste In India By Converting Them Into A Plant
Calendar that can create a garden for you!

In future, Divyanshu is planning to launch furniture made from used wood. The waste warrior signs off by saying,

Sustainability and waste management starts from people who are responsible for creating waste. We all need to put in a thought how a particular product will end up affecting the environment we are living and then come out with solutions. It is no rocket science to manage waste, all you need is little effort.

In India, 25% of landfill waste comes from paper and our country consumes 10 kg of paper per person per year and thousands of trees are cut every year in order to produce it. If more and more people start using Divyanshu’s products then this paper waste burden can be eased from the overloaded landfills.

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