India, Take A Cue From Madhya Pradesh. The State Is The First To Achieve 100% Door-To-Door Garbage Collection
  • MP claims it has achieved 100% door-to-door garbage in its urban areas
  • Currently, Swachh Survekshan 2018 is underway in the state
  • Innovative steps are taken by the top performing cities

New Delhi: Madhya Pradesh proves yet again that this year as well the state will be star of the ongoing cleanliness survey – the Swachh Survekshan. Last year, eight cities of Madhya Pradesh were among top 25 clean cities of India. This year, ahead of Swachh Survekshan 2018, the state government has claimed that they have achieved the 100 per cent target of door-to-door garbage collection in areas under urban bodies to become the first state in the country to fully achieve this feat. In this year’s survey, collection and transportation of municipal solid waste has weightage of 30%.

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India, Take A Cue From Madhya Pradesh. The State Is The First To Achieve 100% Door-To-Door Garbage Collection

Madhya Pradesh has become the first state in the country to achieve the 100 per cent door-to-door garbage collection target in urban bodies, said Urban Development and Housing Minister Maya Singh at a Swachha Bharat Abhiyan 2018 review meeting.

According to the government release issued, Minister Maya Singh was quoted as saying, “Door-to-door garbage management was carried out after the state got rid of “ill practices” like open defecation in urban areas.”

With construction of 4.80 lakh household toilets, Madhya Pradesh declared all its 378 urban local bodies as open defecation free last year in October.

Ms Singh also said work related to solid waste management at landfill sites and processing through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode are being carried out in urban areas. The minister has also directed concerned officials to file a weekly report on the progress of work related to solid waste management centres.

Talking about the door-to-door garbage collection, Ms Singh added that the state will ensure that work of garbage collection continues on holidays as well.

Currently, Swachh Survekshan 2018 is underway in Madhya Pradesh like in other parts of the country; in the first phase, 26 urban bodies have been reviewed, while the remaining urban bodies across 51 districts will be covered in the second phase.

A nodal officer has been appointed in each of the 51 districts in the state for monitoring the door-to-door garbage collection, said Urban Administration Principal Secretary Vivek Agrawal.

Apart from door-to-door garbage collection system, cities of Madhya Pradesh are leaving no stones unturned to stay No 1.

What Cities Are Doing To Stay No 1 In Swachh Survekshan

In Indore, the cleanest city of India, there is a special innovative campaign for each of the bad practices. To eliminate littering, open urinating and spitting on the walls, the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has decided to publicly shame people of the city. First the special inspecting team will go out and inspect the areas that are highly prone to paan and gutkha spitting. And then they will be fined and publicly shamed in mass media channels. So, if they catch hold of any defaulters, then they will go and ask their names and then send it to the local newspaper or radio stations in which it will be broadcast to the world as Swachh Defaulters. Soon, the corporation will also levy a fine of Rs. 200 or more on habitual offenders.

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The city is also pushing for a three bin waste segregation system – dry waste in blue color dustbins and wet waste in green color dustbins, and a different bin for hazardous sanitary waste. Apart from this, the corporation has also decided to convert its organic waste of fruit and vegetable mandis, almost 20 metric tonnes a day, into bio CNG which can fuel 20-25 buses every day.

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From Indore to Bhopal, India’s second cleanest city last year, is focusing on innovation and creative swachh ways this year. For the first time, the survey has a separate category for this; it has a weightage of 5%. The city has introduced Swachhta Saanp-Sidi or Snake and Ladder which is a playground game, rather than a conventional board game. Through this, the city is aiming to inculcate the importance of cleanliness and habit of hygienic lifestyle among children and people. In this game, if the player lands up on snake, then it symbolises unhygienic  habits. While, the ladders denote that they are engaging in hygienic practices.

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Apart from this, a Kabad Se Jugad campaign has also been launched, which aims to beautify the city by using all the scrap items.

The third Madhya Pradesh city to be among top 25 clean cities list, last year, is Ujjain. Last year, the city was ranked 12, this time they are working towards a No 1 spot. For this, Vijay Kumar J, Municipal Commissioner, kick started a ‘Swachh Cycle Rally’ recently to take stock of the cleanliness and sanitation status in the city. The rally had all the municipal workers – from additional commissioners to engineers, sanitary inspectors, health officers, door to door garbage collection supervisors. The main purpose was to reach every street of the city and motivate each and every individual to give their 100% and ensure their area performs better in Survekshan.

With these steps, Madhya Pradesh has already set the bar high for this year’s Swachh survey. The competition is intense as the Swachh Survekshan 2018, for the first time in three years is assessing all the 4,041 towns and cities in the country. It is expected that the results of the survey will be out on March 26, 2018.

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