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Indore To Monitor COVID-19 Patients In Home Isolation Through Its Mobile Application

Indore Municipal Corporation’s mobile application Indore 311 has a new feature ‘home isolation’ to monitor the health of COVID-19 patients isolated at their home

Indore To Monitor COVID-19 Patients In Home Isolation Through Its Mobile Application
  • Through ‘home isolation’ IMC keeps a check on COVID-19 patients 24x7
  • Patients in home isolation are given pulse oximeter to keep a check on them
  • Patients have to feed the reading of pulse oximeter four times a day

New Delhi: On April 28, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issued fresh guidelines for coronavirus patients, giving them an option for self-isolation at home. In its guidelines, the Health Ministry clearly states that the COVID-19 infected patients who have very mild symptoms of the infection or are ‘pre-symptomatic’ can opt for self-isolation at home. Following the same guidelines, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has allowed home isolation and to monitor such COVID-19 patients, IMC has added ‘home isolation’ feature in its mobile application Indore 311.

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Through the feature of ‘home isolation’, the IMC will monitor the health of people having mild symptoms of COVID-19 or symptoms similar to that of COVID-19 infection while they isolate themselves at home. Giving out the details, Asad Warsi, advisor to IMC,

We have been doing door-to-door household survey and tracking COVID-19 patients. The first round of the survey is completed and through that, we noticed that people are scared of sharing their symptoms and being in quarantine center. People were hiding information but with IMC setting up grocery shops and making it easier for people to purchase things during the lockdown, and taking the feedback from the citizens wr have increased their confidence in the administration and Municipal Corporation.

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During the first round of the survey, citizens showing symptoms of COVID-19 were taken for the tests and then to the COVID-19 isolation center. On Tuesday (May 4), IMC initiated the second round of survey under which the on ground team consisting of doctors go door-to-door, asking people about their symptoms and simultaneously educate them that catching fever or cold doesn’t mean one has contracted the Novel Coronavirus; one might be suffering from seasonal flu as well.

During the survey, if doctors think that an individual has two or more symptoms of COVID-19 and requires home isolation then it is suggested. With that, patients are given pulse oximeter – a device that checks the pulse rate and oxygen level of the body and asked to install Indore 311 in their phone wherein they have to feed the reading of oximeter four times a day. The citizens showing symptoms of COVID-19 are also given the option of the test. Also, the feature of ‘home isolation’ in the app is enabled in such a way that only citizens put under home isolation can access it; because, otherwise, people try new features just for fun and add random readings, said Mr Warsi.

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A central command and control team consisting of doctors and engineers monitors these readings. The control room has 85 screens one for each ward 0and are monitored throughout the day. There are also ward specific teams responsible for keeping a check on patients put under home isolation. If any patient misses adding the readings of a pulse oximeter, the ward team gets into action and follow up with the patient and his/her family.

An individual can also feed in other developments in his/her health and accordingly the team takes action. We have also provided an option of a panic button; if someone in home isolation is facing any kind of problem, they can press the panic button and the concerned ward team will visit the patient and check him/her. If required, the patient will be brought to the hospital otherwise he/she will be counseled, said Mr Warsi.

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To ensure everyone understands the mobile application and uses it, the support team is working 24×7, answering to the queries of people. According to Mr Warsi, initially, Indore was seeing a rise in the coronavirus patients but now the graph has started to flatten, courtesy screening, testing and door-to-door survey.

In Indore, no house or slum has been left from our survey. Also, in the next few days, we will have the final figure on how many people have been put under home isolation, said Mr Warsi.

According to the information available on Indore 311, the city has reported 1,654 cases of COVID-19. Of this, while 1,107 are still active, 468 patients have recovered and 79 fatalities have been recorded.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Prasad

    September 21, 2020 at 12:10 pm

    Some times there is confusion in using the Indore 311 app for updating daily
    status. In this regards want to share my input.

    A)Downloaded Indore 311 app.
    B)After IMC staff at Indore airport input your details and mobile number THEN ONLY a separate Icon “Home Isolation” will appear.

    C)while logging in,OTP will come. after entering you will be validated.

    D) Click Home Isolation icon- you will see all your details + a GREY circle
    with F written in it.

    E)If you click on this – you will see questions and Yes/No options. Update your daily health status here.Then take a selfie.You can also enter few comments/remarks. Now submit it.

    F) Now this GREY circle will turn into GREEN. Indicating your data is submitted.

    G) For next 24 hrs clicking this will not have any effect.(DISABLED). This will be like this for next 24 hours/day. During this period, you will see GREEN circle only. (to avoid multiple entries).

    H) after this period is lapsed once you see GREY again repeat this process every day for 14 days.

    Probably they are using one mobile number for passengers of same family traveling together(Even if you give multiple forms). Update info accordingly.(if anyone of you develops health issues). I am not sure
    but this may be the case.

    Hope it helps

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