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Coronavirus Outbreak

Make Your Own Mask And Leave The Surgical, N95 Masks For Our Healthcare Professionals: Actor Juhi Chawla

Actor Juhi Chawla comes out in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to make masks at home amid coronavirus crisis

Make Your Own Mask And Leave The Surgical, N95 Masks For Our Healthcare Professionals: Actor Juhi Chawla
  • Actor Juhi Chawla urges people to make masks at home
  • Let's aim to leave surgical/N95 masks for healthcare professionals: Actor
  • She also requested everyone to wear a mask every time they step outside

New Delhi: Actor Juhi Chawla took to her social media to urge people how they can help fight the COVID- 19 crisis. The 52-year-old actor shared a video tutorial on how to make masks at home so that surgical and N95 masks are left for the healthcare professionals who need it the most during coronavirus outbreak. In the video message, the actor said,

“Make your own mask! Go creative, maybe write a message or try your hand at painting…let us aim to leave the surgical & N95 masks for our healthcare professionals who need it the most.”

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The actor further said,

Our Prime Minister has also asked us to create masks at home. It is also now a mandate to wear a mask whenever we leave the house. Let’s all follow these simple guidelines.

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Explaining how we all can contribute in this fight against coronavirus by making our own masks, Juhi Chawla added,

You can easily make a mask by using a saree, handkerchief, or dupatta. Making a mask at home is a very simple process, just take a piece of cloth, fold it in a triangle format and then wrap in rounds to make a face mask for yourself. Apna desh, apna mask

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In India, according to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, as of April 22, there are more than 17,000 positive cases of coronavirus, of which, more than 600 people have lost their lives due to COVID-19. While, more than 4,000 people have recovered. This highly contagious virus was first started in a Chinese city – Wuhan, last year and since then it has spread to more than 213 countries, areas or territories, as per WHO.

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