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Netherlands Extends Support To Improve The Condition Of Water Bodies In India

Netherlands will help in enhancing water bodies in multiple ways including river basin management, reducing pollution in Ganga, improving the water quality, etc.

Netherlands Extends Support To Improve The Condition Of Water Bodies In India
  • MoU is signed between Water Resources Ministry and Netherlands
  • Both the countries will share its expertise on water quality issues
  • The MoU will benefit India in enhancing its water resources

New Delhi: The Union Cabinet on June 22 approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and the Netherlands for bilateral cooperation in the field of water resources management.

The MoU between Water Resources Ministry and the Netherlands envisages that the two governments shall work to enhance cooperation at the national, regional and international levels in the field of water resources management and development.

This, an official statement said, can be achieved by collaborating and sharing experience and expertise in the areas mutually agreed upon, including techniques in the efficient use of water resources, river basin management, delta management, water quality issues and other areas.

A joint working group shall also be formed to monitor the activities to be carried out in fulfilment of the MoU, the statement added.

The bilateral cooperation will benefit the country in enhancing institutional and technical capacity of Centre and state government agencies dealing with water resources, especially in the field of river basin management, pollution abatement of rivers including Ganga, flood management, water quality and efficient use of water among others, it said.

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