No Straws Please! Five Alternatives You Can Go For To Sip Your Beverages

New Delhi: The ubiquitous plastic straws are used on an average for mere ten minutes to sip a drink, but goes on to poison the environment for more than hundreds of years. Straws are made of plastic that does not degenerate easily. In time, this plastic ends up reaching landfills or oceans. In 2015, distressing video of a male turtle from Costa Rica went viral that had a 10-12 cm plastic straw stuck in its left nostril. A team of scientists initially thought a parasitic worm is blocking turtle’s airway. But, soon realised it was actually a plastic straw.

Sea Turtle with straw up its nostril

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That is not the only case; annually an estimated 71% of seabirds and 30% of turtles have been found to have plastic in their stomach.

Plastic Straws today are one of the top-ten items causing water pollution around globe. It is time to dump the straws and go for an eco-friendly alternatives. Here are 5 alternatives to plastic straws:

Bamboo Straws

No Straws Please! Five Alternatives You Can Go For To Sip Your Beverages

Easy on pocket and environment, Bamboo India – a start-up makes reusable straws using bamboo and paper that come in an aesthetic design resembling bamboo shoots. A pack of four bamboo straws cost Rs. 99 whereas set of 15 paper straws are for Rs.110. These bamboo straws can be purchased online on their website.

Healthier Lifestyle, Cleaner Planet Via Shunya

No Straws Please! Five Alternatives You Can Go For To Sip Your Beverages

An initiative started by two siblings from Mumbai, who wanted to make products and solutions that have as close to zero footprints on earth as possible. Today, they are making use-and-throw recyclable paper straws as well as reusable bamboo straws. The paper straws are 100% biodegradable and compostable. One can buy the products from their site. Not just straws, the brother-sister duo have a range of other products too, like toothbrush, spoons, plates, forks, to name a few.

Switch To Classic Stainless Steel Straws

No Straws Please! Five Alternatives You Can Go For To Sip Your Beverages
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Steel is gold, it never goes out of fashion! These are reusable products that one can use for a long-long time. This alternative option is easily available in the market and is online as well. Though these are slightly expensive than the regular straws, but, the good part is, it is a one time investment.

The Paper Straw Revolution With Pappco India

No Straws Please! Five Alternatives You Can Go For To Sip Your Beverages

The organisation is selling paper straws produced in India, the good part is that the straw are 100% non-toxic as the products are made sans ink.

The benefit of using paper straws are that they are made from paper that decomposes faster than plastic and SO can be recycled simply.

Just in case you are wondering how does paper straws work, they are made in such a way that they don’t get soggy or melt when put inside any liquid.

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Adopt No Straw Policy

Many a times, straws are unnecessary add-on to ones drinks, for example, one can easily drink a cold drink/coffee from a pet bottle/container without depending on a straw. Believe in the concept of saying no to straws and join the battle to make our oceans plastic-free.

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