Plant Trees In Your Neighborhood And Join NDTV-Dettol Banega Swachh India This Gandhi Jayanti

Two Indians die every minute from air pollution-related illnesses. Make a difference by planting trees. Every tree planted is an additional source of oxygen.

Help make India clean, green and healthy, upload your plantation drive pictures or videos in the form below.


  1. नो महीने पहले ये पार्क एक कूड़ा घर था मैंने इस पार्क में सुदर्शन, तुलसी, करीपत्ता और गेंदे के पोधो से शुरुआत की थी पर आज इस पार्क में पाम, केला, आम, नीम, पीपल, जामुन, रजनीगंधा, बेलपथर, हरसिंगार,कटहल, आदि सबके पौधे लगा दिए है।

    1. That is really an awesome work done by you.

  2. Vrishank valecha

    cleanliness campaign should start from our houses, societies, our building floor, lifts, ..segregation of thrash is vital.

    By Cleaning our surrounding,we should not feel small.

  3. Dinesh Purushothaman

    I want to mention that the drive every year is ok but what about management of it on continuous basis.

    There certain facilities required to be managed
    I am from Mumbai ,but when I walk around the city there are hardly any garbage bins,toilets so even though there is an issue of civic sense and responsibilities the facilities are not adequate.

    Also there are no wardens to monitor people littering on the street.

    There needs to be a continuous and effective management of civic issui which is grossly lacking.

  4. प्रदूषण से था परेशान इंसान,
    तअब शुरू हुआ स्वछता अभियान,
    मोदी जी ये संकल्प थे लाये,
    चलो गंदगी दुर भगाये।

    एक वृक्ष लगाकर देखो,
    लगाने का फिर फल तुम जाओ,
    होगा पर्यावरण में सुधार,
    यके बात मेरी तुम मानो।

    तो चलो देश को स्वछ बनाएँ,
    संदेश बापू का सबको बताएँ,
    उत्तम होगा देश हमारा,
    अगर प्रदूषण न फैलाएं।
    -विवेक कुमार ,दिल्ली.

  5. Dear Sir,
    I am an Indian residing in Austria, I just nie planted a tree.and wanted to Upload the image but it did not Funktion.
    Sunil Narula

  6. I request to all of you speak in Hindi.

  7. In east Delhi from last 20 days roads are fully packed with grbage, drain water and mosqutoes. Dont know is this really cleaner India or what??

  8. I am izhar from Delhi and still delhi is not clean approx 50% Amit ji is saying that 92% India village is clean

  9. Thanks for giving opportunity to express our opinion. This mission long way to go.. This very earlier stage to claim as success story. Until we see clean roads,clean public toilets, clean govt schools toilets etc. Why govt not thinking about penalising splitting in roads apart from fews places like railway station etc.

  10. Dr.Satyanarayana V N T Kuchibhatla

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