IT Firm Raises Concern Over E-Waste Generation In Odisha, Says It May Touch 2050 Million Tonnes By 2021

New Delhi: The Telangana government on Tuesday announced a new policy on electronic waste or e-waste management in a bid to control the E-waste generation in India that’s growing at an alarming rate. The policy was launched by State IT Minister K T Rama Rao at an event jointly organised by the state government and industry body FICCI. Currently India generates nearly 18 lakh metric tonnes of e-waste, contributes a big 12 per cent to the global total and ranks fifth among bcountries which are the largest producers of e-waste. The new policy was initiated as India’s e-waste is rising at an alarming annual rate of 25 percent, with Hyderabad recording 25,000 Metric Tonnes per annum and is also regarded as the sixth largest generator in the country.

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Speaking at the event, the minister added, through this (E-Waste Management) policy, our vision is to create an aware society which plays an active role in managing e-waste and assist the highly unsafe unorganised sector transition into the organised sector.

The e-Waste Management Policy outlines the State’s vision to create an aware society that plays an important and active role in managing their e-Waste. The steps are being taken in order to make the highly unsafe unorganized sector transit into the organized sector. The policy highlights on earmarking industrial space or shed for dismantling and recycling e-waste in existing and upcoming industrial parks, estates and industrial clusters. The government is aiming 88thto promote management of e-waste through collaborations with bulk consumers of electronic products, major industry organisations and other stakeholders who are working along the recycling chain.

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The policy also notifies a focussed incentive scheme for recyclers, dismantling units, and collection centres to boost the e-waste policy. It is planned that a subsidy of Rs 1 crore will be provided for a minimum investment of Rs 5 crore for the first five recyclers and refurbishers.

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