On World Water Day, PM Narendra Modi Urges People To Save Water

On World Water Day, PM Narendra Modi Urges People To Save Water

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also lauded the United Nations for choosing the 'wastewater' theme, urging people to recycle waste water for their water needs
News, World Water Day Special
- in News, World Water Day Special
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New Delhi: On the occasion of World Water Day on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the fellow countrymen to save every drop of the crucial resource and praised the UN for choosing ‘wastewater’ as its theme.

“On ‘World Water Day’, lets pledge to save every drop of water. When ‘Jan Shakti’ (people’s power) has made up its mind, we can successfully preserve Jal Shakti (water power),” Modi said in a tweet.

“This year, the UN has chosen a valid theme — wastewater. It will help further awareness on water recycling and why it is essential for our planet,” Modi added.

According to a Unicef report released on the occasion, by 2040 nearly 600 million children, one in every four worldwide, will live in areas with extremely limited water resources.

The report warned of the threat to children’s lives due to the lack of safe water and of how climate change is exacerbating the problem.

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  1. Pawan Kumar Sharma

    We believe we are too late for just “Saving Water”. It is high time we need to invest in it. Believe it or not, only forests can save us, technology has its limitation. We are already on war footing destruction of our resources.

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