About Banega Swachh India Campaign Season 4: Take The #Mere10Guz Challenge

About Banega Swachh India Campaign Season 4: Take The #Mere10Guz Challenge

India’s urban population of 429 million citizens produce a whopping 62 million tonnes of garbage every single day. Out of this, 5.6 million tonnes is the plastic waste. Only about 22-28% of the waste is treated, and more than 70% of collected urban waste is dumped straight into the landfills. Need of the hour is for people to segregate waste and adopt steps like composting and recycling. Season 4 of NDTV-Dettol Banega Swachh India Campaign aims to take up these key issues as part of its #Mere10Guz initiative and promote 3 steps to swachhta - Keep your surroundings clean, segregate waste and do composting.
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NDTV-Dettol Banega Swachh India is a five-year 360-degree campaign (TV, digital, outdoor, radio & print) aimed at spreading awareness about sanitation, empowering citizens with better hygiene and sanitation facilities across the country and working with partners to support ground interventions for construction & maintenance of toilets and drive behavioral change. Each season had a special focus on all elements of campaign syncing towards that objective:

In Year 1, in addition to overall awareness, specific focus on making India Open Defecation Free and building of toilets. We worked towards it by spreading awareness in rural India through Swachh Express, raised money to create demand for toilets, build and maintain them

In Year 2, focus on behavioral change especially in children and acquiring ‘time’ & ‘commitment’ pledges from people. We took the specially devised 45 lesson & teacher-training module i.e. hygiene curriculum to schools and raised volunteering hours for swachhta

In Year 3, focus on individual responsibility towards cleanliness, utilization of committed hours and on India’s top 10 iconic locations. #Mere10Guz used as a communication tool to galvanize people to keep their 10 yards clean, organised Maha Cleanathon, observed October 2 as Rashtriya Swachhta Diwas which saw massive clean-up drives and created Swachh Agendas for all 10 locations

The 4th season launched taking a step forward and encourage people to follow 3 steps as part of the ‘Mere 10 Guz’ i.e. ‘My 10 Yards’ initiative.

1. Cleanliness: Keep your surroundings clean
2. Waste Segregation: Segregate your waste
3. Composting: Compost your waste

The campaign will culminate again by observing Rashtriya Swachhta Diwas on October 2, 2017 with the CLEANATHON.

This agenda of the cleanathon this year is to take a holistic approach to swachhta and ask people to implement #Mere10Guz for Swachh Zameen, Swachh Hawa and Swachh Pani.

The cleanathon will focus on these various aspects of Waste Management, Soil, Air & Water Pollution, how they are interlinked and what each of us can do to work towards a cleaner and hygienic India.


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  1. The Banega Swachh India anthem is the beautiful dream of a #SwachhIndia.

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