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About The Campaign Ambassador – Amitabh Bachchan

Legendary actor Mr Amitabh Bachchan has been supporting the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India campaign since it was first conceived, in September 2014.

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Amitabh Bachchan, the iconic actor has been associated with Dettol-NDTV Banega Swachh India campaign since it was first conceived, in September 2014. He has been extensively involved in the campaign and has helped in galvanizing the masses in the right direction.

The campaign in its first year managed to collect a massive amount of Rs 281 crore, for building toilets across rural India. Mr Bachchan tirelessly promoted the campaign in 12-hour long Cleanathon. In the second year of the campaign, he not only hosted Swachhta Ki Pathshala – a program to educate school children about basic hygiene and sanitation, but also pledged 50 hours personally for clean-up drives to help make India clean. The second year, the campaign also saw the support from various individuals and corporates who pledged over 1.16 crore volunteering hours for clean-up drives across India. NDTV-Dettol in the same year also specially curated the Hygiene Curriculum for schools in India. A 45-lesson hygiene curriculum was distributed to nearly 10,000 schools.

In the third year came #Mere10Guz initiative, wherein Campaign Ambassador Amitabh Bachchan had motivated the masses to pledge to clean 10 yards of their surroundings #Mere10Guz. While in the fourth year the focus was on waste management with the concept of ‘clean, compost and segregate’ and in the fifth year, Mr Bachchan called for attention towards efforts to beat air pollution. The same year, Mr Bachchan also raised awareness about the inhuman practice of Manual Scavenging that persists despite being against the law and the need to restore dignity and rehabilitate the people still engaged in this menial job. He also said that the country needs a sensitive, a poetic word for Manual Scavengers, something like ‘divyaang’. A word that gives the dignity of these people. He also pledged to contribute 50 machines during the Cleanathon to help the sanitation workers’ job.

In season 6, Banega Swachh India campaign moved its focus from Swachh to Swasth with campaign ambassador Amitabh Bachchan as only a clean India, is a healthy India. The campaign focussed on the well-being of mothers and children, especially during the first 1000 days. The campaign also curated and distributed a medically approved ‘Swasth Kit’ for mothers & infants during the critical 1,000 days.

Whereas, in the seventh year of the Banega Swasth India programme, Mr Bachchan helped raised awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has become imperative to revisit the core values of the campaign – stay clean and maintain good hygiene. Mr Bachchan also saluted the work of frontline workers and urged people to follow COVID appropriate behaviour at all the times.

This year, the Banega Swasth India campaign is moving to its eighth season and the many strands of action and narratives that have been building over the last seven years of Banega Swachh/Swasth India, all will come together to build a healthier India. The focus this time is on the inter-dependency of humans and the environment, and of humans on one another, with the agenda of One Health, One Planet, One Future – Leaving No One Behind.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. jyoti utkarsh sansthan

    December 27, 2014 at 11:23 am

    We have also done swachhataa abhiyan at our village Bhuvasan in surat district Gujarat.
    We hope all the people join this movement and make our country swachh.
    Swachha Bharat Samrudhha Bharat.

    Jyoti Utkarsh Sansthan
    At Zankharda Bhuvasan
    Ta Bardoli District Surat
    Contact no-09824573878

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