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Don’t Miss The Swachh Message In Anushka Sharma Video Posted By Virat Kohli

“Use a dustbin,”says Anushka Sharma to the person littering on the road in the video posted by Virat Kohli. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan appreciates Anushka’s actions and tweets, “Swachhta needs to become an everyday habit for all of us”

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Nearly four years after the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched to clean-up India, and a massive push to drive home the campaign’s message from every quarter, it is indeed a cause of concern when people still litter, throw garbage anywhere but in the designated spot. And that probably should be the takeaway from the now viral Anushka Sharma video. It was not just about a message to stop littering on the road but it is also about calling out the offenders publicly. If you spot someone throwing garbage then do protest, is what the video tries to convey. Never mind the trolls or the naysayers. Cricket Captain Virat Kohli posted a video of actor, producer and his wife Anushka Sharma pulling up someone littering on the road from her car. The viral video which has garnered over a million views since it was posted on Saturday, has Anushka asserting a basic point that even today most people on the road choose to ignore. “Why are you throwing garbage on the road? You cannot throw plastic on the road like this. Use a dustbin!” Anushka’s action got thumbs up from Virat Kohli who posted the video saying, “Saw these people throwing garbage on the road and pulled them up rightfully.” Virat went on in his post to say, “If you see something wrong happening do the same and spread awareness.”

On Sunday, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan official handle has also appreciated Anushka’s for being a true Swachh Bharat Ambassador and underlined the importance of making, ‘Swachhta’ an everyday habit.

The video when posted on Saturday, saw reactions come thick and fast. Many were appreciative of the video posted and its message.


But in the chaotic world of social media, what should have been a post where the message should have been given more importance than the messenger, trolls tried their best to divert the focus from the intent of the original post. From mocking it to calling it an attention seeking act, to someone actually objecting to the offender being at the receiving end of an unfriendly and bossy behaviour!

Virat Kohli responded to trolls in his usual combative style on Sunday saying, “Lot of people who don’t have the courage to do something like this find it funny. Everything for people nowadays is meme content. Shame.”

True that, Virat. There should be just one takeaway from this Anushka Sharma video posted, “Use a dustbin!”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Venkat

    June 18, 2018 at 6:37 am

    The Indian guys who throw rubbish on roads while driving can’t imagine doing the same while driving in USA or Singapore. The streets and public places in foreign countries are so clean and litter free, the fines there for littering being so heavy and sure, these same Indian guys will behave in foreign there properly. The Supreme Court has held that the Right to Life under Article 21 also includes the Right to a Clean Environment. One fundamental duty of citizen is that It is not enough that the citizen refrains from committing wrong; he has a duty to see that fellow citizens do not indulge in the commission of wrongs. Good citizens should emulate Mm Anushka who has every right to question, prevent and even book littering guys including those from panchayats and municipalities.

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