Waste management in Guwahati
Assam Waste Management

Open Defecation Free Status Achieved, Guwahati Now Looks To Tackle The City’s Enormous Waste Problem Effectively

Despite its open defecation free status, the city of Guwahati is struggling to manage its waste effectively, relying more on short term fixes rather than long term solutions ...
Kamakhya Temple has successfully become a Swachh Iconic Place
Assam Features Independence Day

India@70 #SwachhIconicPlaces: Kamakhya Temple In Assam Has Engaged In Successful Waste And Water Treatment

The temple has received cooperation from the authorities and the civic body in maintaining cleanliness in its premises ...
Assam Independence Day Waste Management

E-Waste In Northeast India: How Assam Is Planning To Fight The Rising Crisis

With nearly 14,000 tonnes of e-waste produced annually, Assam will need to stringent provisions to tackle its e-waste problem ...