COVID-19 Explainer: What Is Antibody Cocktail And How Does It Help In Coronavirus Treatment?

COVID-19 Explainer: What Is Antibody Cocktail And How Does It Help In Coronavirus Treatment?

India’s Central Drugs Standards Control Organisation cleared the use of the antibody cocktail for use in emergency situations for treatment of COVID-19, here’s a quick lowdown on how it can help patients
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COVID-19 Explainer: What Is Antibody Cocktail And How Does It Help In Coronavirus Treatment?What is Antibody Cocktail? How can it help save lives of #COVID19 patients? Here’s all you need to know

New Delhi: Mohabbat Singh, an 84-year-old man with multiple co-morbidities who beat COVID-19 has given a new hope in treating this disease that has so far claimed over 3 lakh lives in India. Mr Singh was discharged on May 26 from Medanta hospital after getting the jab of monoclonal antibody cocktail. He has become the first person in India to be administered the COVID drug cocktail, which came into the limelight after it was administered to former US President Donald Trump when he had tested COVID-19 positive last year in October.

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The antibody cocktail, from Switzerland-based drug-maker Roche, recently got approval from India’s Central Drugs Standards Control Organisation for use in emergency situations for treatment of COVID-19.  This FDA-approved therapy demonstrated good efficacy in Phase 1/2 and Phase 3 studies by reducing COVID-19 related hospitalisation and death by 70 per cent. According to the official announcements by Roche India and Cipla Limited, the first batch of the Roche antibody cocktail drug arrived in the country on Monday (May 24) and it has been launched at a price of Rs 59,750 per dose.

On Tuesday (May 25), Mr Singh, who was under treatment for the last five days at Medanta Hospital was given the drug over a 30-minute intravenous supply. Sharing the news of hope with netizens, a doctor at Medanta Hospital, Dr Satya Prakash Yadav, tweeted,

Finally monoclonal antibodies cocktail to treat COVID-19 IS available in market and today first patient to get it in Medanta is an 84-year-old gentleman with COVID-19. Let’s hope it helps cure more patients with COVID-19.

What Is Antibody Cocktail And How Does It Help In COVID Treatment?

Talking about the drug, V Simpson Emmanuel, Managing Director and CEO Roche Pharma India said,

These are combination of two antibodies – Casirivimab and Imdevimab. They are antibodies which are made in laboratories, when used, it mimics the immune system and protects it from harmful pathogens. These antibodies are designed to block the virus attachment on human cells and blocks itS entry in the body. The cocktail also remains effective against the virus spread and different variants.

Talking about how useful this drug can be in COVID-19 fight, Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairman, Medanta Hospitals said that these have been used extensively in the US and Europe and added,

The experience shows when given in first seven days of COVID infection, 70-80- percent of people who are going to be entering hospitals for treatment will not need hospitalisation. If these antibodies are injected into a patient infected with COVID-19 virus at an early stage when the virus is trying to multiply then it blocks the virus from entering the cells of the patient from where it derives nutrition to multiply. So by blocking the virus they are stopping the multiplication of the virus and finally the virus spikes. It is one of the blocking mechanisms that is working against the COVID-19 virus.

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Who Can Use This Drug Therapy For Treating COVID-19 And Who Cannot?

According to the statement by drug-maker Roche, the antibody cocktail is to be administered for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 in adults who are at high risk of developing severe disease. High-risk includes patients over 60 and/or those who have various comorbidities, such as cardiovascular disease, chronic lung or kidney disease, diabetes etc.

Explaining the dosage and requirement of this drug and its data, V Simpson Emmanuel said,

This is one of the few very appropriate treatment which we have for COVID right now. We also have a very robust clinical data on this drug, we have 13,000 odd patients in whom the drug has been tested and we have got some very interesting results. That is the reason we have got the emergency usage approval not just in India but also in US and European Union. Patients need just one dose of this cocktail antibody, which is basically a combined dose of 1200 mg (600 mg of each drug).

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The antibody cocktail therapy is not recommended for patients who are hospitalised due to severe COVID-19, or those who require oxygen therapy due to COVID-19 or who require an increase in baseline oxygen flow rate due to the disease and in patients on chronic oxygen therapy due to underlying non-Covid-19 related comorbidity.

Talking about if this drug can strengthen the fight against covid-19, Dr Naresh Trehan said,

We are glad to now have access to Monoclonal Antibody Therapy in India. This fast and effective treatment for COVID -19 will save patients at the highest risk from falling critically ill, getting hospitaliSed or possibly dying of complications from COVID-19. We look forward to serving our patients with this therapy and saving more lives. However, having said that patients are advised to check with their doctor if monoclonal antibody therapy may be beneficial to them in the treatment of their COVID-19 infection.

On the other hand, talking about the drug and its challenges, Dr Rahul Pandit, COVID Task Force Maharashtra said,

We need to understand that we are talking about relative risk reduction of 70 per cent and not absolute reduction. Also, one vial has two doses and it can be stored for 48 hours alone, so at a time you need to have two patients who can be administered this drug. Regardless of this fact, the drug is still out of reach for many of us because of its price.

He further said that if India ramps up its vaccination programme, we won’t need this therapy as much.

Highlighting the drug cannot be used on Children, Dr Pandit added,

The studies for now have only be done for adult population and it categorically says FOR patients with high risk, so definitely it’s not safe to administer the drug on children.

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Coronavirus has spread to 193 countries. The total confirmed cases worldwide are 17,91,56,496 and 38,82,233 have died; 5,81,68,051 are active cases and 11,71,06,212 have recovered as on June 23, 2021 at 3:45 am.


3,00,28,709 50,848Cases
2,89,94,855 68,817Recovered
3,90,660 1,358Deaths
In India, there are 3,00,28,709 confirmed cases including 3,90,660 deaths. The number of active cases is 6,43,194 and 2,89,94,855 have recovered as on June 23, 2021 at 2:30 am.

State Details

State Cases Active Recovered Deaths

59,87,521 8,470

1,26,468 1,055

57,42,258 9,043

1,18,795 482


28,29,460 12,617

1,00,881 746

27,16,284 11,730

12,295 141


28,15,029 3,709

1,18,615 4,541

26,62,250 8,111

34,164 139

Tamil Nadu

24,36,819 6,895

56,886 4,443

23,48,353 11,144

31,580 194

Andhra Pradesh

18,57,352 4,169

53,880 4,260

17,91,056 8,376

12,416 53

Uttar Pradesh

17,04,678 202

3,910 253

16,78,486 397

22,282 58

West Bengal

14,85,438 1,852

22,508 232

14,45,493 2,037

17,437 47


14,32,778 397

1,918 78

14,05,927 467

24,933 8


9,91,653 482

8,007 557

9,70,244 1,032

13,402 7


9,51,393 137

2,388 303

9,40,101 437

8,904 3


8,83,490 2,957

30,859 1,240

8,48,960 4,159

3,671 38


8,22,620 135

5,159 480

8,07,424 612

10,037 3

Madhya Pradesh

7,89,415 65

1,707 273

7,78,902 318

8,806 20


7,67,726 146

2,200 137

7,56,231 263

9,295 20


7,20,207 268

2,811 206

7,07,833 468

9,563 6


6,15,574 1,175

16,640 606

5,95,348 1,771

3,586 10


5,93,063 405

5,968 509

5,71,207 880

15,888 34


4,88,179 2,869

32,975 350

4,50,924 2,482

4,280 37


3,44,775 110

1,417 72

3,38,256 180

5,102 2


3,38,978 171

2,896 68

3,29,030 231

7,052 8

Jammu And Kashmir

3,12,584 428

7,181 578

3,01,134 999

4,269 7

Himachal Pradesh

2,00,791 188

2,276 132

1,95,062 315

3,453 5


1,64,957 303

2,920 146

1,59,029 438

3,008 11


1,15,364 284

3,214 150

1,10,423 433

1,727 1


64,993 575

9,214 84

54,714 649

1,065 10


63,140 395

3,747 163

58,735 554

658 4


61,467 23

278 33

60,383 56



45,976 421

4,273 77

40,915 341

788 3

Arunachal Pradesh

33,664 289

2,548 9

30,956 279

160 1


24,438 64

1,757 87

22,204 149

477 2


19,871 33

360 5

19,309 38



19,458 137

2,430 18

16,732 152

296 3


18,409 430

4,424 197

13,900 233


Dadra And Nagar Haveli

10,520 4

61 1

10,455 3



9,504 33

315 4

9,142 36

47 1

Andaman And Nicobar Islands

7,425 10

103 6

7,195 4


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